Hello September & New State of Mind

I have been hesitant to blog because of the emotional and mental state I’ve been in. I don’t want to be repetitive in my discussions about my depression and feelings regarding my health.  While I’m all for transparency, I have to do something more than just complain about my current emotional state.


Chronic illness is hard.

Yea, I got that part- so now what?


I finally had my first therapy session last week; what an awesome way to bring August to a close. And I absolutely mean that in a non-sarcastic way. It felt wonderful to talk to an objective ear. Someone who was an absolute stranger and had no biases towards me or my circumstances.

My doctor was a kind but no nonsense kinda lady and it was exactly what I needed. I loved being able to say everything I wanted to say and not be met with judgment or faux understanding. We worked on setting goals for myself and my treatment plan to help me combat the destructive forces of my depression.


I also had the chance to talk to my PCP and be very clear that I wanted a holistic approach to my treatment. I am tired of pain meds that don’t work and only bring on a slew of side effects. I was fortunate enough to have a nurse who was tuned into my feelings and got me set up for a plant-based nutrition class in October. Although I didn’t walk away from my appointment cured of my ailments; I did walk away feeling like I have a better plan in place.

Some of the goals I’ve set for myself is:

  • Journaling daily
  • Completing one chore a day free of assistance from my husband or kids
  • Writing down one thing I’m grateful for daily (Gratitude Jar)
  • Praying more
  • Maintaining my Daily Bible reading
  • Spending more intentional time with my children and husband
  • One act of self-care a day


My biggest challenge is remembering that these are goals, and I may not smash them everyday like I want to. However, I feel like I have more structure and stability in my life (which I thrive on) when I have a clear goal I’m trying to accomplish.

These days I’m trying to smile more, take every moment as a gift and find a way to turn my pain into purpose. I know this is a battle, but it’s one I’m convinced I can win as long as I put on the right armor.


Be amazing people,



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