Big & Tall Style Crush: Kavah King

I know it’s been a minute since I hit ya’ll with some gentlemen’s style! So it pleases me to bring some new flavor to the blog today. The question is: are you ready?

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Allow me to introduce ya’ll to Kavah King.


A New York Native (either that’s gonna make you hate him or love him) and Renaissance man of sorts. A model, a fitness enthusiast and a lifestyle blogger over at The Gentlemen’s Curb ; Kavah took time out of his full schedule to sit down and answer a few questions regarding his affinity for style and fashion.


1. What inspires your wardrobe choice for the day? Is it music, weather, mood?

What inspires my day is definitely my mood. I may have to add a few things, because of the weather. But, it definitely depends on my mood. Some days I am all for high-quality fabrics. But, most days I can settle for a hoodie.

2. What are some of the challenges you face (if any) shopping for your body type?

The biggest challenge was finding the right fit. My body can be weird sometimes. Sometimes the pants are too long but fit my waist perfectly. I can be in-between pant sizes, but these days are a bit different its a lot easier to dress for any occasion. Men of size have more options than ever before, so its a lot easier. There is a long way to go.

3. Who are some people who have influenced your style?

My parents. I can recall that my parents were heavy into tailors and seamstresses. As I watched them it helps me to establish my own style and embrace individuality. They didn’t want to be restricted to what was available in stores

4. Who are some of your favorite brands to shop and why?

I don’t have a favorite. There are so many styles and brands that speak to me. Each brand may have a piece that compliment my mood.

5. What word would you use to describe your style and why?

My style would simply be me. All of my experiences and my willingness to try new things are all incorporated into my style.

Be sure to follow Kavah on Instagram @gentlemenscurb!