Curve Girl: Hourglass Ivory Egyptian Harem Wrap Over Embellished Dress

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So if you read my article on the Lifestyled Honors Event; then you know I had an all-white mixer to attend and I had to be as stylish as possible! That’s why when I was scrolling Curve Girl in search of something fun and glam that no one else would be wearing; I knew I had a winner in the Hourglass Ivory Egyptian Harem Wrap Over Embellished Dress.

This is what it looked like on their model:


Now per usual, most sites do NOT have fit models of my size; nor do they have print models of my size. So, I never truly know how something is going to look on me until I have it in my hand and I put it on.

So how did it come out?

Dress: Curve Girl|Sandals: Shoe Dazzle|Clutch: Amazon Fashions

I mean talk about a winner! I normally don’t fawn over myself but I simply felt AMAZING in this dress and felt it was so complimentary of myself proclaimed odd shape!

I normally wear a 30/32 but I did opt to size up to a 34 because I am tall (5’8) and I had a sneaking suspicion it might not fit the way I wanted it to because of the material.

This dress retailed for $69.99

Sizing up definitely worked for me in this case. The best part about wearing this dress was that it was ULTRA COMFORTABLE! If you’ve followed my blog or my Instagram long enough then you know how important comfort is as much as style.

I also want to note how stellar the customer service was on this order. My dress almost didn’t arrive to me on time but thanks to my rep she was able to express ship free of charge and it got here 2 days in advance!

If you haven’t taken a glance at Curve Girl yet, what are you waiting for?!



  1. You look absolutely beautiful! You actually inspired me to wear my brown version of this dress to a wedding just over the weekend. I was in two minds as to whether I was going to wear it or not and even come close to buying another dress when I came across your blog and having actually seen someone else other than the models in these dresses, I just knew I had to wear the dress (I hadn’t tried it on until a day prior to the wedding). I got a size US14 which is equivalent to an 18 (New Zealand size) and it fit like a glove around the arms and top half and flowed beautifully on the bottom half, hiding what bumps needed to be hid and was so comfortable to wear. So thank you for sharing your blog and beautiful pictures of your rocking this dress!

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    1. Yaaaaasss!😍I love to hear stuff like this. I bet you looked amazing. More importantly I hope you FELT amazing in your dress.


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