Recap: Phat Girl Fresh Presents Life Styled Honors 2018

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Hey my fabulous A-Team! I know it’s been more than a week since I’ve been able to give you anything; did you miss me?? I promise it’s because I’ve been working incredibly hard on my business, building and networking. And I guess that’s why it’s the perfect time to talk all about my past weekend at The Life Styled Honors event hosted by Maui Bigelow of Phat Girl Fresh.


Who is Maui? Maui is the amazing powerhouse behind Life Styled Honors Event. A woman with a vision who created a blog with a feminist approach to empower women to live their best life. Life Styled Honors turned five this year, and keeping in line with the spirit of Maui; the goal of this event is to acknowledge and empower women who are blazing trails along this path called life!

This years honorees were:


Each of these women excel at what they do; and what I love most is that while they each have their own profession, they’re managing to empower women along the way.  The honorees were acknowledged over the course of two days; The All White Mixer and the The Fashion Show.

Tarana Burke, the founder and creator of the #MeToo movement was not available to celebrate with us at the fashion show; so Friday night at the All White Mixer was her time to shine and share her beautiful energy.

Do you know what else was beautiful? All of the ladies & Gents who showed up and showed out in their fabulous all white attire! Take a look:

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The party was definitely jumping well after I excused my old self home to bed! If there’s one thing to be said about Maui it’s that she definitely knows how to throw a party.

On Saturday was the Fashion show and intermittently the honors were presented. The designers being featured this year were:

There was even a surprise lingerie showcase featuring Livi Rae’s premiere couture line! The pieces of all the designers coming down the runway were FANTASTIC! But you know my fav was Designer Elle Dove’s Energy Collection. Don’t believe it? Take a look!

Lorenza James by Elle Dove

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Big Man Culture

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Shantress Sada Collection

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The Wendy Collection

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Christian Omeshun Collection

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Livi Rae

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The energy was beautiful this weekend! I loved seeing so many confident women of ALL sizes showing up and out in their flyest lay! Navigating this world in a plus body can be difficult; I mean being a woman in this world is hard enough! But being in the room with all these women who were not concerned about thigh rubbing, stretchmarks, fupas, back fat, rolls, flabby arms or any of the other “flaws” society would love us to hide was liberating!

Maui creating a space for talented women to be showcased and women of diverse backgrounds to be honored was simply genius. We can be our own worst enemies sometimes; but even worse enemies to our fellow women. I love the idea of celebrating and encouraging women to indulge in self care and be the best version of themselves they can be!

I am glad I took the opportunity to attend this year and look forward to seeing what LSH 2019 has in store!

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