Curvy Spotlight: Lorenza James by Elle Dove Spring Summer Collection 2018 Energy

So for the first time in the Curvy Spotlight history; I have a duplicate spotlight happening! If you’ve followed my blog for a bit; then you might be familiar with the designer who goes by the name of Elle Dove. A few months back, before we connected as business partners; I covered her in this article.

About a month or so ago I gave you guys a little sneak peek into the behind the scenes of a photo shoot for that very collection. You can check that out here.But instead of going for the sneak peek, you might as well dive right into this post while I share the awesome Energy Collection and take a moment to chit chat with Elle herself!


What was the inspiration behind the name ‘Energy’ for your collection?

I get a lot of inspiration from the joy of life itself so naturally I wanted to capture the energy of these moments. There are so many ways people choose to communicate things to the world around them and how you decide to express yourself through what you wear is one of those ways. So as I was designing and looking at fabrics I pictured the woman I was designing for, what does her life look like, where is is she going, who is she with and BAM!!! She is a believer, a mom, business woman, worker, and a friend, but above all of that she is a lover of Self. Now, “lover of self” can easily be confused with selfishness, lack of care/concern for others around you but its not. It is important that she takes care of herself and part of that is looking good.

My brand focuses on comfort and style. We believe that when you look good you feel good and when you feel good you do great and people that feel great do great things. I know that when women wear my clothing that is exactly what they will feel in any and every situation.

What was the goal for your collection this year?

 I wanted to challenge myself with color which is funny because I’m a designer and most assume that we are colorful individuals, but I naturally gravitate towards dark colors. I also worked with more fabrics that don’t stretch, so the way things fit was really important to me.

Do you feel like your overall vision for this line was brought to fruition once you completed it?

OMH (oh my heavens lol) Yes. I was happy to have it done but it didn’t come alive until I saw it on my amazing models and influencers. Their energy really brought everything to life.

How does this collection differ from your previous collection?

 Color and Detail hands down. One of the things I have always been a fan of with clothing in general was the little details that make up the total look. In my collection it was the trim that you would see on a dress and that same fabric would make up the majority of another look. Or the faux pockets for example, Gold mesh curved hem tee or the cloud hem tank. Also the oversized safety pins, every detail was thought out and that’s what made this collection different for me.

How do you think this collection will do this spring/summer?

Because this is my second SS collection Im expecting it to surpass my first year by 100%. That’s not to say that that collection was not as good as this one but I have a bit more traction this year than last year and that is making the difference. I also picked up some more tricks to help me market myself better, for example collabing with individuals like you AP. You have done a lot and if I’m not talking bout my brand you are lol.

What do we have to look forward to for your fall collection?

Great question! Look for flattering drapes, and a ton of versatile pieces. My fall collection is also going to have a modest touch, making layering fun for plus women. I will also incorporate color and patterns, how? You’ll have to wait and see. My Fall collection will debut at Essence of Curves Fashion show on July 7th in New Orleans

* * *

I truly appreciate the opportunity to work on this collection with Elle Dove. She is one of the few ready to wear designers who is invested in expanding her sizes to be inclusive of extended sizes. Not only doe she include our sizes; she made sure to include us visually.

One of the most difficult parts of a designer’s journey is waiting for enough people to catch on to your work. In an industry where a head nod from the “right person” with enough clout can make or break you; I admire Elle’s tenacity and dedication to remaining authentic and not hesitating to take on body diversity in the process.  Energy is a collection that I’m proud to wear and I am not waiting on any taste-maker to tell me so! You shouldn’t either, check it out!

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