Recap: Kushae Launch Party Atlanta

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The same things that can make social media weird are the same things that can make it great; you just never know what you’re going to find. In our case, the co-founder of Kushae reaching out to us and extending an invitation to their launch party was a moment we can file under a great moment.

IMG_20180420_192403 Co-founder of BK Naturals – Kimba the Natural Diva

I had never heard of Kushae but with the click of a Google search I was directed to their website. Kushae is a feminine hygiene company that boasts of being 100% natural and 100% designed with your kushae in mind (you see what they did there with that name? Clever right).

About the Owners BK Naturals

BK-Nat-headshot-1-nhue57wyiyrka1tjsgd9rkvavhjhidj200nn9dk430 Dr. Barb (left) and Kimba (Right) Photo courtesy of

As they told us during their Q&A and so eloquently highlighted on their About Me Section of their…

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