Big & Tall Style Crush: Balaji

So here we are again A-Team! Indulging in a little bit of big and tall style crush because I wholeheartedly believe the big and tall community deserves just as much shine as the plus size community! I am a fan of style whether it is U.S based or elsewhere. And that’s why it pleases me to be able to switch it up a bit today.

Meet Balaji Pillai (IamDarkLord)


Hailing from Mumbai, India; Balaji took time out of his busy schedule as a Freelance Event Manager and Social Media Influencer to chit-chat with me about his sense of style!


1. What inspires your wardrobe choice for the day? Is it music, weather, mood?

My Mood inspires my wardrobe for the day, and when i add music to my mood.. i choose best color.

2. What are some of the challenges you face (if any) shopping for your body type?

Though I am plus size, I love to wear regular fit clothes with style. But my biggest challenge I face is, no proper fits at thighs for bottoms and no proper fits at shoulder for shirts. And vibrant colors are less to choose from. If I find good style but there is no size available it it.

3. Who are some people who have influenced your style?

Some of best Instagram profiles who inspire me:

a) Kirklan – He brings Confidence,

b) Reginaldsherard – never hesitates

c) Notoriouslydapper – elegant style

d) DgHramm – Plus size is Vibe

e) Builtuprealnice – Style is possible

4. Who are some of your favorite brands to shop and why?

In India, three brands are most famous to buy from > aLL Store > Alto Moda from Pantaloon > John Pride . But i buy my most comfortable fits from John Pride – their clothes style my size.

5. What word would you use to describe your style and why?

It took me 7 years to fight with my confidence and wear the style as i want to. i will always describe it as Style Has No Size.

Plus is my size, Plus is my Heart.

Keep up with this awesome fella on Instagram: @iamdarklord