Big & Tall Style Crush: Kirklan

Hey ya’ll! Welcome back to my second installment of Big & Tall Style Crush! If you missed the first post, no worries, you can check it out here! Now that I’ve gotten all of the necessary formalities out the way, let’s jump right into it.

Meet Kirklan:

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Blogger, photographer and Influencer extraordinaire!

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And did I mention he was the Founder & CEO of XL Tribe ? So with a schedule as busy as his, it’s amazing he had anytime at all to sit down and answer any of my questions, but he did!

1. What inspires your wardrobe choice for the day? Is it music, weather, mood?

Well to be honest my wardrobe is mostly inspired by mode, when it comes to weather as long as its not 32° outside I’m wearing shorts.

2. What are some of the challenges you face (if any) shopping for your body type?

Well most of the challenges of finding clothes revolve around me finding my size . I’m a 2XL and when it comes to fashion it’s so hard to find 2XL and up in stores. Now where the real struggle comes in is you finding something in a 2XL that’s fly.

3. Who are some people who have influenced your style?

Some of my style inspirations are The Big Man Culture, Mike The Gent, Rob Robinson.

4. Who are some of your favorite brands to shop and why?

My favorite place to shop is Sears hands down. Now some of my favorite brands are MVP Collection, Bad Rhino And last but not least US Polo Assn. Why you ask because all these brands carry my sizes I know I can depend on them to have the latest styles and trends that I like to wear.

5. What word would you use to describe your style and why?

Dynamic . The range of my style has no true limits expect long pants I hate them other than that I’m open to trying a lot in fashion.

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