Curvy Spotlight: Mecharis Dolls

You ever scroll thru your Facebook page and find yourself pleasantly surprised that your friend’s list is producing great content?

That’s how I felt when my buddy Nae began posting handmade custom dolls.

I was so impressed by the detail and the diversity of her options I decided it was time to get the scoop!

1. What does the name Mecharis mean and why did you choose this name for your brand?
Kinda long story. It means “with grace” grace brought to man by Jesus Christ.
When i was looking for a name, i saw another doll makers who’s name was in French. I liked the idea of having a name in another language, but what?
I’ve been interested in the Greek language because of my study of the New Testament in the Bible. Saw the word Grace and wondered what it meant in Greek and loved it!
2. How did you get the idea to start making dolls?
I used to make baby hair accessories. That market ended up becoming extremely saturated and i found it really hard to stand out. Not wanting to give up my desire and need to create, i looked around at handmade toys on Pinterest. I saw a doll and thought I’d give it a try. Here i am almost 3 years later!


3. Do you feel that being a mother influenced your decision in making dolls?
I will say that making dolls has made me want to pass something onto my daughter. I had never thought about it before until making dolls. She watches me make dolls EVERY DAY. Every doll i make she thinks they’re hers! Lol She encourages me, she always says my dolls are pretty. She has told me that one day she wants to be a doll maker too, so i want to pass this skill to her and hopefully she’ll keep it going.
4. What is the message behind your brand?
I really want to try to put out a little more is GRACE through Jesus Christ. In one way or another I’d like to just give him glory and honor. I appreciate the ability to create, which is one of his attributes. I am able to do anything that i do because of his grace.
5. In what way would you like to see your business grow?
Because i make my dolls by myself, i don’t want it to grow too much. I really don’t even consider doll making a business for me. It’s a hobby, something i enjoy, something i love seeing others enjoy and appreciate. I’m afraid that when i call it a business I’ll have to treat it like one and keep up with the demand of having a business. I feel making it a business would suck the joy out of what i do. I’m scared of that.
6. Are dolls the only thing you will be creating or do you see room to include other items?
I’ve considered many times doing something in addition to doll making but haven’t come up with anything.
7. If you could give your younger self one piece of advice regarding being a business owner what would it be?
I would tell my younger self not to care what anyone thinks about you. Don’t be too hard on yourself. You CANNOT please everybody!
8. Has this journey with starting your own business changed you in any way?
**Bonus Questions**
1. Michael Jackson or Prince? THE KING!
2. Peanut butter and Jelly or Peanut Butter and Fluff? PB&J!
3. Mayo or Miracle Whip? MAYO!

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