Big & Tall Style Crush: Showtime

While my blog mostly covers women’s fashion when the topic of fashion comes up; its not to say that I don’t appreciate the male side of fashion too!

That’s why I’ve decided to add a Big & Tall Style Crush series to highlight the big guys who are killing the style game.

First up? Meet Sabas aka Showtime.

A self proclaimed “island boy” and Florida native who was nice enough to sit down with me and answer a few of my slightly invasive questions!

1. What inspires your wardrobe choice for the day?

Definitely my mood and my haircut lol

2. What are some of the challenges you face (if any) shopping for your body type?

The only one that I know is that some shirts don’t fit the same, so trying them on is a must…

3. Who are some people who have influenced your style?

My Dad, Rick Ross, Diddy

4. Who are some of your favorite brands to shop and why?

I never ever shop by brands because I never want to look like the next person im very unique and diverse

5. What word would you use to describe your style and why?

Chocolate Papi, Butter, Confident, Swagger Boss,

First off I’m from the islands and half Spanish and raised in Miami so the fact that I’m so blessed to have many different cultures of diversity around me made me never afraid to try anything or any color. I’m so free spirited….

Well its very clear that this gentleman’s style and confidence go hand and hand! Check him out in more of his style glory on Instagram @Showtime49.


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