Lorenza James by Elle Dove SS Collection 2018: Behind the Scenes

Heeeeey A-Team! How was your weekend? Mine was pretty regular smegular with one small exception! Yes that’s right, this past weekend I got to be a model for a day with hair and makeup included!

Here’s the finished look; she kept our faces minimal which is ok with me. Lashes are the Mermaid Style from Powerful Lashes.


I wish I could show you all the full look of this dress; but I have to wait until the collection drops! And don’t worry, even though I was a model I am still covering the whole collection as soon as it drops!

I love shopping Lorenza James by Elle Dove because not only are all her items hand made; they’re quality pieces! I love that though she initially only carried up to a size 26; she showed no fear in extending her sizes to accommodate the larger woman which is pretty innovative when it comes to indie designers.

We had a great time on shoot and I can’t wait to share the Energy Collection by Elle Dove; but until then, enjoy these behind the scenes!