Curvy Spotlight: Richee Luxe

Whenever I’m perusing Instagram, I’m usually doing so on a prayer and with my fingers crossed that I don’t stumble upon anything I don’t want to see. As it so happens, sometimes I do just that and get fortunate enough to come across things that intrigue me.
That’s exactly what happened when I stumbled upon the clothing line Richee Luxe. I found myself drawn to the glam and unique pieces on their Instagram page. So much so I even purchased one (that’ll have to wait until LifeStyled Honors before I can show you that so make sure you stay tuned!) I was so intrigued by the daring and rebellious design of these pieces that I just had to find out more.
Keep reading to find out what I learned!
1. What is your name?
My name is Auri Nechee’ .
2. What inspired the name Richee Luxe for your brand?
My family inspired the RiChee’ Luxe name . RiChee’ was a nickname given to me as a child by my uncle. It’s a combination of the last two letters of my first name and the last four letters of my middle which birth Richee’. Once starting my company, I added the ‘luxe‘  because of how I love everything glamorous and opulent.
3.What do you feel it is makes your line unique?
I think what makes my line unique is that we design garments that make you feel lavish and like you can take on anything. When I create my garments I think of what a woman is going to feel like when she puts it on and create a mood not just a piece of clothing . I didn’t want it to be just another plus size brand . I wanted to create a movement for all boss women that love fashion and living a glam life . I also didn’t want to skimp on quality either because I feel some plus size brands are not up to quality standards for what they charge . With RiChee’ Luxe you will always get couture and quality pieces.
4.Why should curvier women shop with you?
Curvier women should shop with me because I know what it’s like to dress a curvier body being curvy myself . I take the time to think pieces through before creating them instead of just throwing something together and saying “yea that’ll do.” No, I’m super particular about the pieces I make and try to create beautiful pieces that other high end designers don’t make in our size. I personally believe all shapes should shop with me because I have a unique eye and make things for the over the top women period; regardless of size.
5. What is your brand’s mission?
My brand’s mission is to become internationally recognized. I want everyone to know the Richee’ Luxe name . I never want to change my quality and creativity as I grow. I want to always be a step ahead of the fashion game . There have been plenty of times I’ve said to myself “this idea would be dope”, and a few months later I see it on a runway . It’s crazy, so I want to be in a position where I can always execute when I have great ideas. I also want all women to just feel good being them first and foremost. When they purchase Richee’ Luxe they are buying into a lifestyle, a movement ,something far greater than just a clothing line . This is also why I want to help young women and create a foundation for women and girls to believe in themselves and feel beautiful regardless of what anyone may say.


6. How long have you been designing clothes?
I have been designing for a long time personally. Technically I’ve only been in the business since 2015 . As a child I was always creating bomb ass doll clothes out of socks and etc until I ran out of socks and got in trouble because they were all cut up lol. Also, in middle and high school I hated wearing what everyone else had; so I use to cut things up, sew things together, andcolor things a different color just to be unique. It use to be a hit until I would get in trouble because I had no limit and I even redesigned new things my mom would purchase me . I’ve always been a rebel lol. Oh fun fact, I’m a self taught designer . I learned how to sew from YouTube tutorials, so anything is possible.
7. How would you like to see your brand expand?
I would like to see my brand expand by being global. I want to show people that we are a lifestyle brand not just a clothing line . We eventually want to merge into men and kids clothing. It would be slightly different, but nothing short of our bold style and high end quality. Making bomb pieces in regular and plus men sizes also with kids clothing we want to do the same thing there too . Because I use to get so discouraged as a child having to wearing some women clothing when I went past the kids sizes because they didn’t fit . I wanted cute girly clothing, instead I had to settle for the adult sized clothing . This is also is what helped birth the designer in me . I just want to takeover basically. Right now we’re actually launching our RCLX SPORT  line. It’s a fitness, swim, and street-wear brand and it’s full of flavor but with our Richee’ Luxe Glam flair . RCLX SPORT will launch the first week of March 2018 so stay tuned.
8. How have you gone about setting goals and reaching them?
How I go about setting goals and reaching them are by writing down what I want to achieve whether small goals , big goals , etc. I then pray on them and ask God for guidance and if it’s helping towards my purpose. I then make a plan to execute whatever I set out to do . Cross them off my list one by one as I crush them. If I don’t meet a certain goal I try to not let it defeat me I just keep going until I’ve meet that goal . I always say life isn’t a race .
9. What advice do you have for other designers who may be just beginning?
My advice to other designers that are just beginning is don’t give up, no matter what anybody may say . It may sound cliche and basic, but it’s true . So many times people or situations in our lives tell us to give up on our dreams and just get a real job but I say follow your passion. Don’t let life stop you from being the big name you want to be .
**Bonus Questions**
* What’s your secret obsession?
My secret obsession is makeup specifically M.A.C lipstick . I’m a sucker for all colors . I have to have them all . I’m obsessive with pretty much anything M.A.C
* Chocolate or vanilla?
I prefer Vanilla but on certain days I can do chocolate.  I’ve always liked swirl best of both worlds lol.
* Do you believe in love at first sight?
I’m a romantic so I do believe in love at first sight .

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