Not Your Mama’s Plus Size: No Excuses in 2018

I can actually remember a time when I felt embarrassed to be fat. That need to shrink when I was in a room full of my average to slim size peers. Wanting, wishing to be as stylish as the smaller girls were. Thinking I would never find my Prince Charming until I lost a certain amount of weight. Yea I remember that feeling…and I’m so pleased it’s gone.

By my early to mid-twenties, I learned that there was a whole new world of fashion out there that existed outside the doors of Fashion Bug or Roaman’s. And even with fluctuating weight these last 5 years, I have to say I am pleased that these options STILL exist for me.

Now is the plus size fashion industry perfect?

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We could definitely stand to see more options in the 4x and up category; but even with those limitations there are still options available.

One of my personal favorite places to shop is Rebdolls. While I don’t have enough social media following to be their brand ambassador; that won’t stop me from telling ya’ll you can find some pretty dope finds on their site!

Dress from their Grisel Line

Pros about Rebdolls:

  • They carry my size
  • Their stretch is VERY forgiving on this wide body
  • There’s usually something to cater to various tastes and styles
  • They use bright, poppin’ colors and patterns
Shoes & Clutch: Rainbow Shops


  • The material is all the same for the most part which can sometimes take away from the quality of the look
  • While the styles may come in our size; they’re not designed with the plus size body in mind
  • They don’t use fat models to show what the clothes will look like on fat bodies that aren’t slim in the waist


Even with the cons, I’ve gotten pretty good at deciphering what will look good on this body just by sight! They also have a great rewards program where you can earn points for coupons! I take advantage of this as much as possible and you can even earn as you spend.IMG_20180113_120143

I take pleasure in knowing that the days of being dressed in a tent dress are long gone unless I choose to do so! It feels empowering to live in a time where I can take back control how I dress this body and it not be dictated by what society deems as fashionable for me!