Mini Haul: Liv & Kiss Skirts

So if you were on the blog this weekend; then you know I posted a Curvy Spotlight featuring a plus size fashion line called Liv & Kiss. As I mentioned at the end of that article, I had some pieces I was going to review.

Welp, here I am!

Ms. Whitney (the owner) told me to pick out a few pieces that spoke to me. I’m a lover of skirts so I chose 3 skirts from her line that were available. Full disclosure, there was a sequined blouse I wanted but she no longer had. I was a little crushed, but when my 3 skirts arrived it made up for that pain.

Let’s get into it shall we?

The things I loved most about these skirts were how well they fit! Now, I don’t own any body con items or form fitting skirts/dresses because me and my fupa have a love hate relationship. Yet, I was drawn to this leopard print pencil skirt!


I had a great time dressing this look up; but what I love about it’s simplicity is the fact that it can be dressed up or down. A staple in one’s wardrobe are pieces that are versatile and can serve in more than one capacity.


I am actually looking forward to dressing this up for a fun date night with hubby really soon. Stay tuned for that!


I chose this skirt just off color alone. I want to tell ya’ll I had some deep reason but it really was that simple.


Olive green happens to be one of those colors that a lot of people find blah…but I see all the possibilities in it. I love that green is a color that can be for any season and look great in any season. It didn’t hurt that though it’s winter here in Atlanta; we got some good 60 degree weather on the day these photos were taken!


I truly love the fact that her label sizes were TRUE to size. A lot of places that claim to cater to 5 or 6x often times don’t feel like they do. These skirts were also made with enough stretch if breathing room is a concern (which it often is for me).


As I mentioned before, the versatility of the pieces is what stands out the most. So while I have two of the same skirts in different colors; that is perfect. This gives me an opportunity to really try it out a few different ways.


Right now Liv & Kiss is having an AWESOME blowout sale! So head over and see if you can find your perfect piece. Don’t sleep on this brand; it’s stylish and affordable! I am actually looking forward to seeing her spring collection once it arrives!cropped-untitled-design24.png