Curvy Spotlight: Liv & Kiss

As a plus-size consumer, there is nothing I love more than having options. For a LONG time it seemed like fashionable plus wear was limited and too expensive. Suddenly, boutiques began to pop up everywhere and stores large and small alike began to carry up to 3x.
And that was great…for a moment.
Until I gained an unexpected 100 lbs and found myself no longer in the 3x (or 4x range for that matter) but in 5x territory. Once more, options became limited. So that’s why I’m always down for the businesses that carry the larger sizes- businesses like Liv & Kiss.
Allow me to introduce you to a brand in my opinion that deserves WAY more notoriety than it has. I was already following this line on Instagram after seeing the display at TCF Style Expo 2017. However, when the owner put the call out to collab with bloggers and I saw that she specifically mentioned sizes 5 & 6x; my antenna went up and I was intrigued and determined to learn more.
So keep reading below to find out exactly what I learned!
1. What is your name?
Whitney Jones
2. What inspired the name Liv&Kiss for your brand?
That’s funny because I get asked this question a lot. For me, I believe in living life to the fullest and one of my favorite words are Beso which means  ‘kiss’ in Spanish so I put the two together. Liv ( Live your life to the fullest in clothing that keeps it simple and Kiss (Beso).
3.What do you feel it is makes your line unique?
I think my line is unique because I understand what my target audience is looking for. By me being plus size my entire life I know how hard it can be to find clothing that will go with the many hats that I wear. That’s why Liv & Kiss was created. I made sure that no matter what you had on your schedule or what was on your to-do list. All of our clothing will keep you fashionable and comfortable the entire day. Our clothing will give you that extra confidence needed to take over the world.
4.Why should curvier women shop with you?
Being a curvier women myself I understand how we want clothing to fit. We took into consideration all of the measurements that most big name brands miss. We understand that the majority of people live on a budget so not only do you get a high quality, U.S made clothing; but you also get it for an affordable price. 
5. What is your brands mission?
My brand mission is to live your life to the fullest in clothing that makes life simple. You only get 1 life so it’s important that you’re living your life doing all the things that you love. 
6. How long have you been designing clothes?
I learned how to sew from my grandmother, mother and aunts. So technically I’ve been sewing since I was a child. However I started Liv & Kiss in 2016.
7. How would you like to see your brand expand?
Our goal for expansion is to be in multiple boutiques around the world.
8. How have you gone about setting goals and reaching them?
I set my goals then I pray over them and ask God to direct my path. I believe that everything happens for a reason at the right time. Ive been blessed with amazing opportunities that literally fell into my lap and the opportunities keep getting bigger and for that I’m grateful.
9. What advice do you have for other designers who may be just beginning?
The advice I would give would be to research, research and research more. A lot of people think that you have to do it all at this current moment and that’s not true. Come up with a design and once that design is successful; add more. While some people can do everything at one time, others can’t. I would also say not to give up when you hear the word no. Just because someone else doesn’t believe in you, that doesn’t mean you’re not going to succeed. You have to be your biggest cheerleader at all times. It’s not easy but the hard work will definitely pay off.
**Bonus Questions**
* What’s your favorite season and why?
My favorite season in the fall. I love when the air is crispy and the leaves have turned red, orange and yellow. 
* Name one thing you absolutely cannot go without?
One thing I can’t go without would be a journal and purple lipstick. 
* Do you believe in soul mates?
I absolutely believe in soul mates I think everyone has someone who believes in them and wants them to succeed. 
Take a look at some of the pieces from Liv & Kiss below! I can’t wait to share the looks I’ve put together with pieces from this line as well so be on the lookout! If you’re not already, make sure you’re following Liv & Kiss on Instagram: @livandkiss.

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