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One of my biggest challenges this year was gaining an astronomical amount of weight in a seemingly short period of time; and still finding great places to shop. I’m forever seeing styles that I love, but when I click on the ‘size’ option; all too often I don’t seem my size there.

Instagram has become a great way for me to discover sites that I’m not familiar with. Other plus size bloggers do a great job in promoting the lesser known brands. And of course there is the sponsored posts that show up in my feed because Big Brother is watching what I click on. And that’s how I stumbled across Curve Girl; a sponsored post.


This was the photo that appeared and immediately I thought to myself: “That’s SO me!” and it was. So I clicked on their website. First thing I noticed is that they were based in the UK. I was uncertain of whether or not their clothes would fit true to US size; but right in the description of their IG Page (@curvegirl_) it said US size 4-40. I proceeded with caution.

I browsed the site for other items I might like, and I certainly found a few. But I was focused on buying this particular dress because of how comfortable it looked and also because I’d been looking for a Harem styled dress in my size FOREVER.

I am pleased to say that I was not disappointed at all when I added my item to the cart, received 15% off on my first purchase AND it showed up on my doorstep within 5 days of ordering.


It was love at first try on I swear. Now, my husband wasn’t a believer at all. In fact he told me that it looked like a moo-moo. But I had vision and knew it was going to be a flawless look for me.


Now as you guys saw in the picture on their site; the model had it off the shoulder. I opted not to do that because despite how comfy I looked; it was pretty cold this day, so off the shoulder was not the move for me. Never fear, because this dress will be slayed again during the spring/summer months!


The dress actually was not as long on me as it was on the model. BUT, in their defense, they do have the option on their site to customize. I opted out because I wanted to see what ordering just my size would look like. I generally wear a size 30/32 but I chose to size up to a 34. In the future I will probably size up again.

In all my experience with Curve Girl was great and I can say I definitely will be shopping with them again!


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  1. Have you bought anything else from them since this cuz it looks so good on you I’m so happy I got to see it on somebody else cuz that’s exactly what I was looking for.


  2. It looks great! I too am cautious about some of the ads on Instagram specifically because I was burned recently. I saw the ad and immediately began looking for reviews and found yours. Thank you so much! I think I’ll give it a try.


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