Curvy Spotlight: Classy But Cocky Apparel

One of the lessons I’ve learned in life is really simple- never sleep on someone. You never know what someone is made of or who or what they will become. That’s why it was of no surprise to me when a former co-worker of mine appeared in my Instagram feed a few weeks ago with her own clothing apparel line. I never counted her out simply because we worked in an office together pushing papers.

Allow me to introduce you to Caprice:


Caprice has grown so much since the time we initially met and I have to tell ya’ll; I’m a little biased! I can’t go into all the details because it’s not my life it’s hers! But she was kind enough to sit down and share a little sneak peek about what she’s got going on!

Keep reading below:

1.How long have you had the desire to create your own apparel line?

For more than a year, I wanted to create SOMETHING of my own. At the time, I didn’t know it would be a clothing line. I just wanted to come up with something unique, that people would actually like.

2.How did you come to the realization that curating an apparel line was your calling?

I am still VERY new in this journey of having an LLC, let alone an actual clothing line. Who’s to say THIS is my actual “calling”? All I can say is that it FEELS like the right direction to go in.

3.Do you have a specific market you’re catering your line to?

Everyday women and men, who have a bit of “edge” to them, who have yet to tap into that side of themselves.

4.What’s the story behind the name Classy But Cocky?

I LOVE THIS QUESTION!! It honestly explains ME! Yes, I look like your average girl, but I have a lot of SPICE to me. I am also very versatile. You can take me to a corporate party/meeting or to the “hood” and I know how to maneuver in both settings.

5.What’s your styling motto and why?

“STEP OUTSIDE YOUR COMFORT ZONE!” I say this because NOTHING worth having is inside it.

6.What are some challenges you’ve encountered in your journey to launch your apparel line?

Not believing in myself fully, in the VERY beginning. Letting people comments of “everybody selling clothes now” get to me. Thinking, since I looked “regular” that my creations wouldn’t stand out.

7.In what ways would you like to see your business evolve?

If I can change at least a HANDFUL of people views on themselves, then I’ve succeeded. Self-esteem is important to me because I’ve battled with it, being a brown-skinned girl , when being light-skinned was “in”.

8.Do you plan to retail online with your own boutique or will you be retailing in-store?


9.What is the ultimate goal for your career?

To show that ANYONE can make a difference. To show that EVERYONE has a talent. To show that you’re a unique individual for a reason. EXPLORE YOURSELF!


**Bonus Questions For Fun**

*Favorite movie?

Love Jones

*Classic Romantic or Netflix and Chill?

Depends on the person.

*Cheesteak with cheese whiz or naw?

Naw. I despise cheese whiz.

If you want to shop Classy But Cocky Apparel just click this link!

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