Curvy Spotlight: Kloset Threads

One of the dopest takeaways from various events and mixers is the actual connections you make. I’m so pleased I went to Mo McKenzie’s very first ATFB Mixer. If I hadn’t, I would have never met Vanessa; the owner of one of my favorite boutiques to shop for accessories.

Meet Vanessa:


What is your business name?



What motivated you to open up your online accessories boutique?

I’m obsessed with fashion and stylish things and wanted to create a second source of income for myself with a business that I would be passionate about.


What has it been like staring your own business?

Fun, motivating, exciting and very interesting


How long have you been in business?

I’ve been active with my business for 1yr.


What have been the highlights of owning your business thus far?

Meeting some amazing woman, making new friends and new business relationship.


What have been some of the learning curves of entrepreneurship?

I’ve learned that like a seed you have to water your business and be patient with the process as it grows. Also as a new business owner you should filter the advice you get from other business owners and customize a unique approach to your business that’s aligned with your goals, abilities and vision.


What do you plan to do make sure you become a staple in an ever growing market?

I haven’t quite figured that out yet because I’m still learning but my focus is to stay in my lane and stay true to my vision.


If you could sum up your brand in one word to convey how great it is; what would that one word be?


Bonus questions:


*What’s your biggest dating no? Not trusting your instincts 

* What’s your favorite candy bar? Snickers

* Stiletto or Chunky Heel? This is the hardest question…lol stiletto is classic and always in but chunky heel is in right now and easier on the feet so I’ll go with a chunky heel for right now.

Checkout some of her eclectic and funky pieces:

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If you want to be daring and eclectic in some of Vanessa’s pieces be sure to shop her on Instagram: @klosetthreads