Curvy Spotlight: Fashion On a Dime

Hello lovelies! If you’re anything like me, then I know you appreciate shopping on a budget! After participating in my first closet sale a couple of weeks ago and hosting a closet sale on Curvy Co, I have an newfound appreciation for consignment shopping. That’s why I’m so thrilled that the lovely Ms. Brucee Denise came to share all about how she made thrifting her business:

1. What is your name?
Brucee Denise 
2. What inspired you to begin blogging?
After my mom passed in 2012- my grief counselor  introduced me to journaling which lead to blogging. 
3.What do you feel it is makes your blog unique?
My around the way fun girl girl personality.
4.What made you venture into reselling?  
Whew when I took some items to Plato’s closet and they told me my items werent for their target audience (their words). So put the items on Ebay and BAM it sparked a fire lol  I’ve been thrifting since college (early 2000s) but reselling for almost 10 years.
5. What long term goals do you have for your blog and business?
To keep spreading the thrift gospel with hopes of becoming a brand ambassador for a major Thrift Store 
6. What have been some obstacles you’ve encountered along your journey? 
Consistency- it is a struggle! It is hard trying to balance it all but as always I push through the rough patches.
7. In what ways have thrifting and blogging liberated you? 
Thrifitng for me is therapeutic- when I’m out thrifting, I’m definitely in my own zone; vibing to my playlist getting lost in time while on the hunt for great pre-loved pieces. As for blogging, it allows me to express my love for fashion and thrifting at the same time.
8. Have you faced any challenges as a woman of color in this line of work? 
I personally haven’t b/c I quickly tell women especially women of color that there is room for all of us to succeed! 
9. What advice do you have for others who may be seeking to be their own boss? 
GO FOR IT! There will be plenty of rough patches, but don’t look  at L’s as failures, rather as a Lesson(s). Remember, no one going to go HARD for you like you go HARD for you. You are your biggest cheerleader. OHHHH one last thing… Enjoy the Journey! The lovely Latavia of Fabulous Faces shared that with me over the summer and OMG I reflect on that convo daily!


**Bonus Questions**

*Bikini cut or boy shorts? Depends lol  lounging boy shorts everyday wear lol bikini cut 
*Sushi yes or no? yes but not the raw *stuff*
*Trap music yes or no?  Honey, I have a sweet spot for ratchetness LOL my playlist is AHHHMAZING!!! *Random I really want to try my luck at being a kickback DJ LoL  
Brucee Denise
“Fashion on a Dime”
AP Young