Sweet Fashion: The Sweet Tooth Pop Up Shop

Hey ya”ll hey! I have had so much going on these last few months I gotta be honest in saying it’s been difficult to drag myself to the computer to write let alone going out of the house to any events. I love blogging and I love sharing my thoughts but the way I’ve been feeling has had me like meh.  That’s why when I attended the Sweet Tooth Popup Shop at Style Envy Boutique this weekend hosted by my fellow Fluffy Girl Tribe member; it was that much sweeter because it was TOTALLY worth coming out for.

The Sweet Tooth Pop Up Shop was hosted by Style Envy Boutique located in the Pavilion Plaza in Fayetteville, GA.


There was nice selection of vendors that included: Kloset Threads


 Oorlewende Fashion


Jessie Custom Accessories, Skintrition, Upscale Shoes, Style Envy Boutique and of course Lorenza James by Designer Elle Dove


Call it me being partial if you want, but the woman of the hour was definitely Elle Dove.

She put this event together, and having been privy to the behind the scenes and all the work she put into bringing her vision to fruition; it was wonderful to see success executed! Despite many hiccups along the way she still made it happen!

As promised there were definitely treats on deck for the shoppers and vendors to partake of!


Not only was there shopping available, there were models too to showcase some of the vendor’s items too!

Oorlewende Fashions
Oorlewende Fashions


Lorenza James Collection
Lorenza James Collection

For this to be Ms. Dove’s first event the turn out was phenomenal! People came and they came to shop! I certainly made sure I did!

Vanessa of Kloset Threads and TFG Tribe Intern Jahkaya
AP Young in BowTie Frames from Kloset Threads and Kimono Blazer from Lorenza James Collection

The atmosphere was festive, there were opportunities to network,  and it was a great opportunity as a vendor to show the folks who came to shop what their brands represent. I had a wonderful time and even happier that I walked away with some dope items to add to my closet.

This is an event that was worth the 35 minute drive across town! The next time Elle Dove hosts an event; I think we all know I’ll be there, and you should too!

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