Ipsy Review: November Glam Bag

I have to admit that these days when my pink shiny bag arrives in the mailbox I am actually excited! Ugh, I know I know how corny is that! No matter how corny it doesn’t matter because my November Ipsy Bag came! Voila:


Straight off the bat I loved this bag way more than I did my October bag; so that was an immediate win. So what was inside??


Global Beauty Care Dead Sea Wash Off Mask– I always love when I get facial cleansers and treatments because as I get older and my symptoms are flaring from my hypothyroidism; my skin goes through a million changes. This is a mud mask; it has no real odor and surprisingly after rinsing it off it; my skin does indeed feel and look cleaner and is softer.

Tarte Amazonian Baked Blush (Feisty)– I’m typically not a blush person because I always figured that as a black woman blush served me no purpose. Don’t ask me why I thought this; maybe because growing up the women in my family weren’t big on makeup. At any rate, this blush proved my misinformed opinion wrong. I loved it and how it looked on my face. It gave it a nice subtle pop. And because I’m already fond of Tarte’s bronzer it was definitely a nice addition to my growing Tarte collection.

Nomad Firenze Eyebrow Highlighter– I’ll be honest and admit that I did not know that eyebrow highlighter was a thing, I did have to google it and see what purpose it served so I could know how to apply it. I don’t feel like it did anything spectacular (pic at the end to see my face with all the products) but I do feel like it will get some use as an eye-shadow maybe. In all I didn’t hate it or love it.

They’re Real! Mascara– As you guys who follow me must know by now; I am a complete eyelash whore! So believe me when I tell you that this is hands down the BEST mascara I’ve used. It doesn’t flake, lengthens, curls, volumizes and made me fall in love with my lashes. It’s the perfect mascara for me and it’s the one thing in the Ipsy Bag I can guarantee that I will be buying for sure.

Manna Priming Lip Gloss Stain– I love a good lippie like the next chick, so I’d be derelict in my duty to be honest if I didn’t tell ya’ll that I wasn’t super impressed. It went on like lipstick. I know there’s a couple of different ways to use it; applying then wiping off and applying lip gloss over it or using it as a lip liner. Either way, it was a basic pinkish red color that looked nice enough on me; but was nothing to write home about.

P.s Lip color is Naughty Nude from Bright Bold and Beautiful (http://brightboldandbeautiful.me

In all I’d give this glam bag an A because I pretty much loved everything in it but the lip stain and even that was not the end of the world.

So what about ya’ll? What was in your glam bags this November? Until next month ya’ll!

AP Young