Her Story: Tiffiany

Name: Tiffiany

Procedure Type: Gastric sleevectomy

Age: 30

Starting weight: 472

Surgery weight: 401

Current weight: 275-279

Goal weight: 180(I’d really be content at 195 lmao)

What prompted you to make the decision to go for wls?

In January 2015 I stepped on the scale and it said 472lbs which is a weight I’d never been.

Did/do you feel any pressure by a doctor to make this decision?

No. I have a wonderful primary care physician who was originally against surgery. 7 years ago I joined her weight lost program and lost 102lbs but over time I put the weight back on and then some. When I went to talk to her after gaining a lot of weight again we (her and I) decided it doesn’t hurt to go to a info panel while I work on losing weight before making a decision. She advised it would be harder this time and to get down to my goal weight surgery would be beneficial and that I would have to prepare for it.

Did you try other methods to lose weight and what happened?

Yes, every time I lost I gained back or doubled what I lost.

What has the process been like for you psychologically (before and after)?

Right after surgery my anxiety sky rocketed but the doctors made me aware that this would happen. Also I feel naked very often. I have been a plus size female my Entire life, I’ve always been confident but adjusting to my new body comments negative or positive I don’t like. To elaborate on that more people act as though being fat is ugly I’ve always been beautiful, to hear people say “you look so good now” it makes feel like oh were you lying when you called me beautiful before. People are so focused on the size of the person and that has bothered me since.

How do you feel emotionally regarding your decision (before and after)?

I was nervous before, but ready. Immediately after the procedure I regret having it because of the pain I experienced today almost being a year out there are still some things I am battling but I wouldn’t change my decision(I really still miss pizza though) lol.

How do you feel when you hear people say “weight loss surgery is the easy way out”?

It is but it isn’t. It is because it will help you lose weight faster than doing it on your own. But it isn’t because you have to make a lifestyle change, it’s just like losing it the old fashion way, you have to work to keep it off .

What has been the hardest part of all of this?

I MISS PIZZA!!   All jokes aside, I’ve should’ve not only prepared myself mentally for the dietary changes, I should’ve prepared for the physical appearance changes. Some days I look at myself and not recognize me. I miss my fat face, I miss my fatter body sometimes ( I know it sounds crazy) but being a person who was always comfortable, in my skin my smaller frame even though I am still a plus size female makes me a tad bit uncomfortable. But I am getting used to it. I don’t mind that I cannot eat certain things any more it just helps me stay away from it. 

What advice would you give for anyone facing weight loss surgery or who is trying to decide whether surgery is right for them?

Be prepared to lose friends because some prefer you to be the fat friend, be prepared to tolerate the words people you never knew to have so much to say about you. Remember this is a decision that you are making/made for yourself. Protect your happiness and be honest. When people ask me questions like “what did you do?” I be like oh I had surgery because they honestly don’t want to hear about your working out schedule your eating schedule the things you actually do to maintain this weight loss they want to hear that you did something that they couldn’t choose to do for themselves.


AP Young