Appreciation Giveaway!

I had to take a moment a few days ago and truly revel in the smallest accomplishments in my blogging career. It really is quite the journey to build a brand that will eventually become a source of income. People can be fickle, or super dedicated to other bloggers, or just plain not interested at all. So I appreciate those who have taken the time to follow my social media, or subscribe to my blog. As a result of that appreciation; an idea was born!


Now the giveaway definitely serves a twofold purpose. The first is to give one of my followers an awesome thank you! The second is to help small businesses (which is a constant theme for me) the chance to build their audience too! My sponsors were so kind in donating pieces from their businesses to make this giveaway possible. The instructions are simple and as follows:

1. Follow the sponsors @brightboldbeau @klosetthreads @designer_elledove  @curvimilieux & @apyblog 
2. Tag 3 or more friends on this post
3. Comment ‘Done’ when complete.

See? Simple! Thank you for your continued support in the growth of my blog!💋 *winner will be announced 10/29 @ 9pm!* (”

In order to enter you must be following apyblog on Instagram!

AP Young