Weight! An Introduction to a Much Needed Conversation

The past few years of my life, my health has really taken me on a journey. From mental health to physical health; it has been the roller-coaster ride from Hades. This past weekend I took a well earned and well deserved vacation and it was just what my life ordered. As I frolicked in the Gulf and buried my toes in sand I looked around at all the different bodies I saw, and it got me to thinking about how far I’ve come.


There was a time when I was embarrassed to wear a swimsuit because I was concerned about my big legs showing, my fupa being seen and my flabby arms being exposed. I was self conscious about my body for a LONG time and even now I have moments albeit rarely when I still feel that way.


But the reality was, I was letting other people’s opinions get to me and that was unhealthier than my weight. I was desperate for awhile to just get the weight off. I starved, I worked out, I did diets, but nothing quite seemed to work. And my weight would yo-yo like crazy only adding to my frustration. I even went through the process of preparing for weight-loss surgery.


During the time I was going through that process, I was met with so much resistance from people who expressed even more opinion about my choices and my weight. It felt like no matter what I did I couldn’t win the approval of people. And though my surgery never happened, I really had to sit and think about why I was even making that choice in the first place.

My motive was all wrong. I didn’t care about being “healthy”. My blood pressure wasn’t high, I didn’t have diabetes, I was regularly active and walking a lot. Besides a knee injury I sustained from falling, I was healthy. I was driven by the other people’s opinions that they were parading around as facts.

Now, almost a decade later, I understand that my weight has been doing what it’s doing because of my hypothyroidism that was undiagnosed up until March of this year. Knowing that I have Hashimoto’s and having to have a thyroidectomy a few months ago has definitely put me in a whole different head space about weight. Now I really am concerned about my health- and not how I look and certainly not about anyone else’s opinion.


The other day I was talking to a friend who was venting to me about her frustrations with other people’s responses to her choice to have a sleevectomy (a bariatric procedure). As she spoke, I heard myself in her words and remembered vividly the judgment that I received for even just considering surgery for myself.

And that’s when it dawned on me; people really don’t know jack about other people and their choices. It’s all conjecture they offer up. All opinion and strong feelings and no facts as to what another person is going through. So I’ve decided to use my blog as a platform for women to share their weight loss stories. I want for others to hear real people’s real truths; the good, the bad and the ugly of weight loss procedures.

In the next week I will be sharing a series of interviews with different women under the Weight Loss Section of my blog. I hope you guys stick around for that; first interview will be posted Monday Morning!

Everyone has a different story, it’s time we stop talking, stop assuming and start listening.

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