Curvy Spotlight: Bright Bold & Beautiful

The awesome side to social media (because we ALL know there’s a bad side) is the ability to have new shopping experiences right at your fingertips. So when my sister was raving about some new lip gloss she bought and I found myself trying to pocket them for myself; I figured it was time to checkout the source.
Meet Shenetra; owner and operator of online Boutique Bright Bold and Beautiful.
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After browsing her site to make sure I could get my lips poppin’ too; I found myself intrigued because I personally don’t know of many online boutiques who venture into their own make up products. I reached out to the owner and she was kind enough to chit chat with me a bit about all things Bright Bold and Beautiful. Take a peek!
Shenetra Franklin
2.What is your business name?
Bright Bold & Beautiful

3.What motivated you to open up your online boutique?

I have always been a very curvy woman and Bright Bold & Beautiful was birthed from the feeling of lack that I felt when going into plus-size stores or the dreaded plus-size section in stores.  I always found myself saying “if only that was in my size” and feeling more excited about the clothes that I could not fit.  I wanted more attractive, fashion-forward clothing for curvy women.  I was always let down, to say the least, and much was left to be desired.  Opening up my own fashion company has granted me the creative ability to personally select, design, produce, and bring to one place, a fresh, feminine, and fashionable assortment of clothes, makeup, accessories, and eventually shoes, that are diverse enough to include something for everyone’s fashion palate.
4.What has it been like starting your own business?
Exciting! I have such a serious career that I wanted my first entrepreneurial venture to be something fun.  I have dabbled in plus-size modeling and plus-size pageantry here and there, so starting a fashion company has been exhilarating.  I love what I do and though I put a lot of time into making my company a success, it’s as if I’m not working at all because I’m having fun.  I am thoroughly enjoying every second of having my own business.

5.How long have you been in business?

Bright Bold & Beautiful was founded in Dunwoody, Georgia, in April of 2017.  Our hard launch was on July 1, 2017.  Though we are a young company, we look forward to empowering women and making every woman look and feel beautiful.

6.What have been the highlights of owning your business thus far?

Most definitely not having to answer to anyone!  Though I love my career as well, the day that I can transition from Corporate America to full-time entrepreneurship cannot come soon enough.  Working hard for my own bottom line and continuing to chase my own dreams are top priority.

7.What have been some of the learning curves of entrepreneurship?

You definitely have to achieve a healthy work-life balance.  As an entrepreneur, there is always something that you could be doing for your company.  You have to develop a strong sense of who you are, what your values are, and what is important to you, and use these as guidelines to help in prioritizing your life.  You have to strive to find a happy medium while wearing the many hats of an adult, including, but not limited to, entrepreneurship.

8. What do you plan to do make sure you become a staple in an ever growing market?

Bright Bold & Beautiful is constantly growing and we want to be a one-stop shop for all your fashion needs.  We will continue to expand our clothing, makeup, and accessory lines.  Down the pipeline, we look forward to introducing a shoe line.  We will continue to evolve and learn the needs of our market.  We have accepted the new opportunities that have been introduced to us and we now offer personal shopping services and private shopping parties.  We most definitely have big goals and we will continue to go for them in effort to secure our company’s longevity.
9. If you could some up your brand in one word to convey how great it is; what would that one word be?

Bonus questions:

*Name a movie that would indicate your age! lol


* When eating pasta; white sauce or red sauce?

Red Sauce

* Bodak yellow yes or no

Yes, when you are making money moves you have to love Cardi B!
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