Curvy Spotlight: Gerzey the Femcee

Little known fact about moi…I love music. And really, that isn’t a little known fact. It’s only unknown if you don’t know me well. I grew up with a Dad who Dj’d and a brother who did/does too. I also sing, though I hesitate to call myself a singer because that’s not my main hustle. But still, I’m a lover of music. So much so I used to manage artists and I currently write for a hip-hop online magazine.

So it makes perfect sense for me to shed a little light on the femcee that most of you may not know: Gerzey. Here’s a teeny tiny back story; back when I was managing artists, she showed up in my Twitter feed. We followed each other. The end. Lol seriously that is how it went sometime in 2011-2012. So, I invite you to kick back and get familiar with Gerzey.


1. Who is Gerzey?
 I’m an emotional person, whether it’s personal or getting that energy from those around me
2. What drew you to creating music?
  Creating music allows me to release that energy instead of keeping it bottled in. It allows me to breathe again when I complete a song. Being in the studio allows me to vent those words. Performing it allows me to share it with people who may feel the same way. Songwriting/music has always come naturally to me.
3. What has your journey been like as a woman emcee?
 It’s still a journey and I’m always learning. It has its ups and downs but the excitement of performing in new places, meeting new people, learning more is a habit I can’t see me quitting.
4. Do you feel there are any disadvantages as a woman lyricist?
There are many disadvantages as a woman period. The disadvantage is that most people judge a book by its cover. They see me and they’re not interested but once they take the time to read MY pages, it’s a different story.
5. How would you describe your sound?
I have different sounds depending on my mood or the vibe that I’m getting from a beat. My sound is angry, happy, broken and in your face blunt. My sound tells the story of our lives.
6. Do you feel motherhood has changed your approach to your art?
I’m not sure if it’s motherhood or getting older. I feel bolder with my words. I write how I feel and I don’t care what anyone says about it…except my mom but she’s not allowed to hear my explicit songs.
7. Ultimately, what would make you feel like you’ve reached the height of success in your career?
When people in different cities are singing the words to my song. I don’t have to be extremely famous but people relating to something that I write and actually  KNOW the words…that’s love right there.
8. What is the most valuable lesson you’ve learned throughout your career.
It’s actually genuine people out here that guide me in the right direction. People will hit me up and tell me about projects that they think would be perfect for me that I would’ve never heard of because I’m not in the loop how I should be. It’s genuine artist that encourage me to keep going and not give up. Some people, not all, are happy if either of is make it.
**Bonus Questions**
Disney or Nickelodeon as a kid? Nickelodeon!!!
Yes or no to Cardi B? Hell yea…”you know where I’m at, you know where I be”
If you had to choose between a place to visit Paris or Tokyo? Tokyo…the creativity of the Asian culture is what I crave to experience.
Check out Gerzey on her SoundCloud page  and give her a follow:
Instagram: @gerzey
AP Young