Sunday Swag: Modifying for Modesty

I know that there are many people who probably saw this title and were prepared to give me a history on feminism. Cool your jets it’s not what you’re thinking! My thoughts that I reflect are never to be imposed on anyone else; these are just things that I apply to myself and my conscious.

There was a time in my life when I was definitely with the ‘let it all hang out’ vibes. I’d venture to say many of us were. However, as I’ve gotten older, more mature and returned to my faith; I find my views and opinions changed. This causes me to take into consideration how I dress myself.

Something I always feel self conscious about are my breasts. I find that I’m constantly seeing things I’d love to wear but it’d look crazy different on me and would send out a message that I don’t want to. This causes me to often skip out on things. So when I saw this Caged Crop Top on the model on Society Plus and it didn’t look too revealing I thought YAAAAY. And then I tried it on myself.

It sat in my closet for months as an act of defiance. I didn’t want to send it back. I loved it! What was a girl to do?? Then this morning as I was getting dressed, an idea hit me!


I decided to wear it over top of an old Ashley Stewart tank top I had and in my opinion it worked out well!


I was able to wear it comfortably and I didn’t have to hide any of the details that I enjoyed most about this top.


Red is such a vibrant color and is quickly becoming my favorite color. I love that it works well for summer or fall seasons.


I’m wearing a size 30/32 top for anyone who was wondering. That’s a 5x in most places that sell plus size.`


In all I’m pleased as punch with the way my look was pulled together. Full details on the fit:

Caged Crop – Society Plus

Mesh Tutu Skirt – Glamazon Fashions

Red Jellies – American Apparel

Black Shrug – Avenue

AP Young