Ipsy Review: September Glam Bag

I know it’s a fine time for me to be reviewing my September bag at the end of September but there’s a great little story about that.

Once upon a time,

My glam bag came late

The end.

Thank you, thank you, I can be booked for live readings!

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Any who, I was more than excited to dig into my bag so let’s get into the details and my thoughts!


Can we talk about this bag and all it’s cuteness though?? Faux leather, raised studs; I almost yelped. I loved the look of this bag; edgy but still cute! I was excited to delve into the bag and I even did a Live unboxing with my hubby in tow (yea that was interesting and fun) on my Instagram. Come follow me @apyblog if you’re not already!

Here’s what was in my bag:

20170925_074913 (1)

Ciate Wonderwand Mascara – So as ya’ll know (at least if you follow me) I am an absolute eyelash whore!!! I’m so in love with Kiss Poise Lashes but I don’t have the patience to apply everyday so I needs me a good mascara to keep my lashes poppin’ on a day to say basis. I have enjoyed using this brand. It’s not my favorite brand; Elf is winning that title right now with their Volumizing & Lengthing formula. BUT, it’s not a terrible alternative either. It doesn’t give me a crazy dramatic effect but it’s great for day to day wear.

DLS Nude Beach Lip Gloss- I have been so obsessed with Matte lip colors lately I almost forgot how much I used to love lip gloss. So imagine my pleasant surprise when Ipsy came thru with the win! I love the color it is perfection and there’s like a slight shimmer going on. It’s just enough to say “O hey I’m a lady princess or whateva” but not enough for anyone to think I’m a stripper named Sparkle. I’ve never heard of this brand, but I’m intrigued enough to try out more products by them.

Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer- Ya’ll know I’m a novice when it comes to makeup, so imagine my surprise to learn that there was something other than concealer that goes on your face before foundation. Initially I misread and thought it was just foundation. I was prepared to give a mediocre review on Ipsy. Turns out I needed to learn how to read. I’ve used it a few times and I gotta say I actually prefer it to conceal my dark circles on days I’m not interested in full face. I also like using it as an eyeshadow because of the shimmer. Was it the intended purpose? Probably not, but I do what I want.

NeoGen Real Flower Cleansing Water Rose- It was really comical when I  was doing my unboxing live and had no clue what this was for. One of my kind MUA followers chimed in immediately just as my husband was further inspecting the label and informing me of the same. I told ya’ll earlier I needed to learn how to read. Anyway, I generally use the makeup removal wipes because by the end of the day I’m uber lazy and I keep them by my bed. But I did take an opportunity to try out this cleanser for a couple of nights in a row and I’ve gotta say I like it. Very clean feeling, and it smelled amazing. I don’t know that I like it enough to by a bottle for $20 when my Equate brand makeup removal wipes do a great job for $7. But uh- I’ll enjoy the sample while I have it!

Gellusion Nail Polish- I’ve told ya’ll before that I’m a nail salon baby so the probability of using this was low. However, I did give it to my daughter and it looked great on her toes; so great I’m going to try it this weekend!

In all I give my September Glam Bag an A!

How about ya’ll, what goodies were in your glam bags!

AP Young