15 Essential Things to Tell Your Daughters (Even if You Think They Aren’t Listening)

As most of you brilliant ladies and (some gents) know; I am a mom. It’s no secret, I don’t try to hide it and really it is incorporated into every aspect of my life because “mom” is so apart of my identity. Is there an award for this?

Now that I’ve broken an appendage patting myself on the back…onto my topic today.


I happen to be the proud owner of a girl homosapien; a teenage one to be exact.

If you’re a proud owner too, then you know the exact amount of anxiety that comes with that ownership. (For those who don’t know I’m using the term ownership jokingly)

Having children is not easy period. I don’t care what anyone says, but raising boys and girls is different. Fight me.

While all children need to be taught the ideology of self love, self respect, self esteem and self care; our girls are going to face a different encounter with each of these. So, here’s my list of things to remember to tell your girls.

  1. Owning a vagina, ovaries, uterus or breasts do not make you less than anyone and should not warrant any type of disrespect.
  2. Boys hitting girls is NOT ok; even if the excuse is “he likes you”. He needs to find a better way to express that. We wouldn’t excuse it if it was a grown man hitting a woman to show his girlfriend or wife affection.
  3. Girls hitting boys is NEVER ok. I don’t care how mad he has made you. You don’t get a pass for owning the reproductive organs you do.
  4. No matter the stereotype; being hateful, mean, spiteful or gossiping about your friend is NOT a requirement for middle or high school or any stage of life. If that’s who you find yourself being; rethink who you are and rethink the friends you keep.
  5. Having a boyfriend because all your friends are doing it is a stupid argument.
  6. Doing anything because anyone else is doing it is a stupid argument.
  7. You do not have to wear name brand anything to dress nicely.
  8. You are not fat simply because you don’t look like models do.
  9. Social media is not for you until you’re more mature. By mature I mean not liable to post inappropriate content. Not divulging personal info such as location, school name etc. Heck I know adults not mature enough for social media.
  10. Most of what you see on social  media is not real. Stop feeding into it.
  11. Learning to love yourself and accept yourself is a continuous journey. There are up days and down days. Do not beat yourself up.
  12. Oral sex is STILL sex. Your mouth matters as much as your vagina.
  13. Same applies for anal sex.
  14. There is not a thing you can’t try to accomplish as long as you put your mind to it.
  15. We love you. I love you. No matter what you do,  how much you upset or disappoint me. You are my daughter, you are beautiful and amazing and I am here for you always.

So what are some things you think are essential to tell your daughters? Share!