All the Ways I Plan to Treat Myself – 4 Cheap Ways to Self Care

Recovery has been an absolute draaaag albeit necessary.  I have slid back into my 9-5 though thanks to the graciousness of my boss; I am working from home. I almost sorta kinda miss my desk; but hubby has rearranged our bedroom to include a little office space for moi. I thank God everyday for a man like him existing and existing in my life!

I woke up this morning and for the first time took a good hard look in the mirror. Can we say yuck?

Clearly I have let myself go in just a few short days. And to think hubby gets up dutifully everyday and kisses this mug and even more impressive; he comes home to it! After a careful assessment these are the things I think I’m going to treat myself to the moment I get myself together.

A Facial- facials are one of the best and inexpensive ways to treat yourself! And why not? Your mug is the the thing you see when you look in the mirror and the thing the world has to see when you’re in it. It’s totally your business how you want to treat it; but for me I like to keep a generally pleasant face. I mean, I try to. Can’t guarantee it’s always a win lol but at a bare minimum I can at least nourish it. I’m undecided on what to try so if ya’ll have suggestions lemme know!

A Foot Bath- I am nail salon addict and I love a mani & pedi just like anyone else. I’ll be shooting up to my favorite salon next week. BUT…in the interim, I still need to take care of my lil piggies. I’m thinking a little Epsom salt, and an essential oils rub will be sufficient to do the job.

Fresh Twist- Ok so for my naturalistas who follow me you KNOW what that means. If you’re not familiar, pull up a chair. I have locs, for the 2nd time around. If you haven’t followed me that long; here’s a reminder of the glory days:


I chopped em off at the end of my pregnancy because hormones. Also, maintenance was killing me. So why would I sign up for it again? Because I LOVE locs. It took me 6 years to grow them and I loved watching them evolve and mature. So, I’m back in the process. Having Hashimotos, surgery, new meds etc. has my scalp and hair dried OWT! Ya’ll know that’s terrible for hair period. I think I will rejuvenate my hair with a lil moisture and a fresh retwisting! Fresh hair always makes me feel ah-mazing!

Cuddling – That is right! A staple to my needs is good ‘ol fashion love and affection. If you’re familiar with Maslow’s Hierarchy then you know that affection is pretty high on the needs list. Also, for people who suffer with depression *raises hand slowly* , touch is an amazing way to treat the symptoms of depression. So, I’m going to start with hugging up on all my babies and ending with hugging up on my main squeeze to end the night.

I think as a mom and a wife with many responsibilities, I forget sometimes that I need to care for myself in order to care for them. I talk about it on this blog a lot. Today I needed another reminder; I’m giving myself one and YOU too!

What’s some inexpensive ways you self care? Share!

AP Young