No Thank You to the Politics of Blogging

These last few days have been pretty trying if I do say so myself. I under went a thyroidectomy 4 days ago to treat a rather large goiter that was growing in my neck. I have talked about my health pretty openly on this blog so in case you ever want to catch up; simply click the Health option on the menu of my site.

I’ve been in the bed resting up and allowing my body to heal and adjust to the new life long medication I will be on. I will talk about that in another post though because amazingly enough I have something else on my mind today. Having all this time to lay around and think has given me an opportunity to make some decisions mentally and now I’m ready to share them out loud.

A few months ago I took the dive to include plus size fashion blogging on my site. I have developed a passion for fashion so to speak over the years and at my husband’s urging; felt like I should share it with my readers because my blog is supposed to be representative of  who I am. I’ve enjoyed sharing my thoughts, my outfits and my ideas with my readers and even going to some events to cover such topics.

Suddenly, a whole different world of blogging opened up to me. Different viewers, other bloggers, different avenues to make revenue etc. It’s almost been a culture shock in a way. I’ve begun to receive invitations to different things, different start up brands are reaching out to talk brand affiliation and repping their stuff. Social media has been a whirlwind of follows and likes and there is literally social circles of bloggers and “influencers” and I am simply amazed!

But I am also simply not interested.

Everything seems so calculated. These women, they have built brands literally from Instagram posts and an intense amount of social media networking. I respect their brilliance, I respect their drive, their tenacity and their ambition…I respect it so much that I know I want  to leave it to them.

Would I love to make blogging my full time job? Absolutely! Who doesn’t want to get paid to do what they love? I love writing and it’s the best way I know how to express myself. However, I don’t only love writing about fashion. I love writing about my journey with mental health, being a mom, being a wife and all the things I’ve learned along the way in this thing called life.

I don’t like the pressure of feeling the only way to be a great blogger is to be seen on some “scene”, for every moment to be a photo op, for the ability to make money be more about how much traffic is on your social media pages and how many likes a photo can garner. I don’t care about algorithms, or what part of the day is the best part of the day to post, or how much shoulder rubbing I can do to try and reach some made up level of success.

I just want to write. I just want to get dressed, look nice, share it with some ladies and hopefully inspire someone to try something different. I want to talk about the unflattering parts of parenting and marriage, I want to share the things I’ve gone through because I know there is someone somewhere who is going through some of those things too.

I just want to be me and do things the way that I want to do them and not worry about “the rules”. I recognize that I am never going to be the person who plays by the “politics” of things just because I’m supposed to.

Sorry if I’ve misled any of you along the way.

I’m still gonna blog about fashion, but I’m also still gonna blog about the mundane aspects of my life too. Whatever brought you to my blog, I hope it’s enough to make you continue to comeback. If it’s not, that’s cool too.

AP Young