Dear Torrid- Representation Does Indeed Matter

This past weekend, I had an event to attend in Atlanta. I was really undecided on what to wear when it dawned on me that a little black dress is always fashionable at almost any event. I wasn’t sure where to begin looking when I remembered that Torrid had a section on their website literally titled ‘Little Black Dress’. Well duh, clearly this was a no brainer.


I’ll be honest, I truly have a love hate relationship with Torrid. I remember Torrid in the days of yore when their prices weren’t so pricey and their clothing options weren’t as mainstream trendy. Basically when they still looked like Hot Topic’s twin sister store for big girls. I remember I had backed off of shopping awhile after I had my middle child and when I returned to Torrid it was like someone had flipped a light switch in a dark room.


I have always been able to shop Torrid no matter what size I’ve been. But now that I’m at my biggest ,  I am more keenly aware of things such as representation. As much as I patron Torrid; I gotta be honest in saying I am sorely disappointed in the lack of representation of women like me.DSC02513

I have to shop Torrid online because I wear a size 30 in their sizing; they don’t sell this size in store. I don’t have the luxury of going in store to see what this stuff may or may not look like on me. The only option I have is to view the item online. The problem is, the only models they ever use are 10- maybe 24 (and that’s a strong maybe).


If you sell to customers that look like me it’s safe to assume we want to know how clothes might possibly look like on us. At my size I simply cannot relate to the size 10 model who though is considered “plus size” by fashion technicality; is really NOT a plus size woman.


Not to mention Torrid, women my size look pretty good in your clothes and should totally be used in the modeling of the clothes on your site!


In the words of Lizzo, Excuse me while I feel myself! I felt absolutely fabulous in this dress! And I know so many other women who would! But there’s so many women who just won’t take the chance because they do not feel included in your representation.


Torrid you are a store that claims to be for us so please, be for us, ALL of us! Let your site reflect the diverse demographic of plus size women that shop you. I want to feel good while I spend my money with you as I’m sure your other customers would too.

Dress:  Torrid Black Lace Inset Chiffon Dress

Shoes: DREAM PAIRS Women’s Open Peep Toe High Platform Summer Wedge Sandals sold via Amazon Prime

Necklace: Wal-Mart

Earrings: Wal-Mart

Rings: Wal- Mart

Clutch: Rainbows

AP Young