Curvy Spotlight: All Things Fashion And Beauty Mixer

This past Sunday I had the pleasure of meeting with some of the who’s who of Atlanta’s fashion and beauty scene. A month ago when I first saw Mo McKenzie’s post about her upcoming mixer I was immediately intrigued.


After reaching out to Mo and responding to her call for Fashion bloggers, I was invited to be a featured blogger alongside notable blogger Tr33 to lead the Q&A for the panel. The lineup was an impressive collection of professionals in varying stages of their career. The line up included:

Fashion Stylist- D’Nicole

Fashion Stylist- Kimberly Newsom

Celebrity Hair Stylist- Leatha La’Slay

Celebrity Fashion Stylist – Terrance

Curvy Model Expert – Niq Nicole

Fashion Crown Creator – Qin Lee

Visual Artist – Aishaa

Event catered by Gaz

The mixer was held at Open for Business; “a collaborative work space for female entrepreneurs” as their website highlights. It was a very trendy and feminine space. The mixer included  various vendors set up for attendees to be able to shop with.

Kloset Threads
Kloset Threads
Kloset Threads


The event was catered very nicely by Events by Gaz. She makes a nacho dip to die for ya’ll!


While we waited for the panel discussion to begin, I had the opportunity to catch up with some familiar faces from the TCF Style Expo. One of which included one of the panelists for the evening Stylist D. Ni’cole pictured on the left.

D’Nicole & AP Young

And the ever so financially savvy financial adviser and Plus size Model Niq Nicole

AP Young & NiqNicole

I even had the opportunity to meet some new awesome and inspirational women, some who were Instagram buddies already!

Blogger Tr33 & Fashion Stylist Endia Mone
AP Young & Alicia W. (Instagram: @mzali2u)

It wasn’t too long before the woman of the hour made her grand debut and debut she did hunnies!

Mo McKenzie

I mean she was just as fabulous as she could be so effortlessly. And not just her wardrobe either.

Mo McKenzie

She was very busy but took a moment to walk around and greet every person that she could. She was surrounded by family and friends who are clearly invested in her vision. It truly was an empowering atmosphere.

I had the pleasure of being able to ask a few questions to the panel regarding their individual journeys. I can’t wait to share the video of that with you all so please stay tuned for my announcement when my YouTube page launches! The most important gem I picked up which seemed to be the message from each panelist was: Be professional, be YOU, and be patient.


Each and every panelist shared the need for humility along whatever your journey is.


The panel allowed for me to learn a little bit more about the woman of the hour herself Mo McKenzie. She shared her inspiring story about starting it all with her notorious t-shirt line that dropped in 2012; Style or Die.

Photo courtesy of Instagram: @mocmckenziestyles

Her drive and commitment didn’t pause or break even when she was met with personal loss which she courageously and emotionally shared with us during her testimony.


Mo’s journey was not without its setbacks but she has allowed nothing to stand in the way of her success. The same can be said of all the panelists who shared their various personal obstacles and setbacks but ending each testimony with a positive message. I don’t want to spill all the beans; I’d rather ya’ll watch it!

The ATFB Mixer was really just a great opportunity to network with other bloggers, stylists, models and consumers of all of the above services. It’s always a great time meeting Instagram buddies; especially when they’re not crazy! It was also a great opportunity for me to shop! I was able to purchase some dope eye-wear from Kloset Threads along with an even doper pair of earrings! I can’t wait to share those looks with you in a future blog!

These types of events are essential along my blog career journey. It keeps me in the loop about what’s fresh, where and who to shop with and of course the most obvious: NETWORKING! I can honestly say this was a well put together mixer and I am absolutely looking forward to the next one on October 8th, 2017.  I hope to see you there!

AP Young