It’s A Different World: Society Plus Making a Difference for the Super Plus Size Woman

I remember when there was a time that I didn’t love fashion because I felt like fashion didn’t love me. Or rather, fashion designers didn’t love women who looked like me. That was such an isolating feeling growing up in a society that told me I wasn’t pretty enough because my skin was brown and to top it off my weight was too much to be stylish.

Thank God I grew up and as I did, so did the fashion industry. While the plus size market is still developing and we have somethings that could stand to change; I can honestly say it is an absolute different world for the plus size community.

One thing that has changed for me is my weight. I mean ALL THE TIME. I recently found out I have an autoimmune disease that affects my thyroid which affects my weight. You can read about it here. I have gone up and down in weight for years and this has made clothing myself quite the obstacle. One minute things I loved fit and then the next it didn’t.

When I’m smaller the options used to be much wider. However, when I’m bigger, like I am right now; I used to find myself frustrated. These days however, thanks to word of mouth, a network of amazing plus size bloggers and the upside of social media; I find myself with options this time around! One of these options is Society+. I stumbled across them because a few of the bloggers I follow have mentioned them a few times.

It wasn’t long before I was perusing their site and signing up to be a brand affiliate. I mean there is a bunch of stuff I wanted but being that I realized I didn’t own a basic black skirt; my first choice was to go for their Twirl Maxi.

It just so happened that at the time my skirt arrived, another item I had been waiting on arrived too. And poof! just like that an outfit and an idea was born. I don’t know about ya’ll reading this, but I grew up on A Different World. So it was everything for me to stumble across The Hillman Bookstore Site. I jumped at the chance to get my very own Hillman College shirt and I loooooove it!

Photo credit: Instagram: @royal_visionz Nick Dupree

I had a great time shooting in this skirt. It was comfy and roomy and was true to size! ( I’m wearing a 30/32) I honestly could’ve gone a size down.

Photo credit: Instagram: @royal_visionz Nick Dupree

I was channeling my youthful days, a little Freddy, and a little Jaleesa! I felt so feminine in this skirt I mean do you see the twirl on this?! But as always, there’s more to a picture than what meets the eye.


It was super hot on the day we shot. (Thank GAWD for my MedZone ChafeZone for ChubRub I got it in my TCF Style Expo swag bag.) Not only was it hot, but I was and have been in a lot of pain lately. My chronic inflammation is terrible these days, and that is an understatement. Smiling requires so much effort these days.


But this particular day, I had someone super special with me. My daughter!


It’s funny, a few months back, she and I binge watched A Different World on Netflix. She absolutely adored it. Through all of our ups and downs; my daughter remains my biggest cheerleader. Teaching her the art of self love when we have such opposite body types has not been easy. She actually thinks I’m beautiful because of my size. It’s because of her and my other little ones (and my husband of course) that I just keep smiling despite my discomfort.

I love that she believes in me and my beauty so hard; and that she loves the clothes I pick out for myself! She wants to shop Society+, but I had to inform her that she doesn’t make the cut LOL. However, I told her to embrace the spirit of Society+; that clothes don’t wear the woman, we wear the the clothes. And all of our flaws, our nuances, our internal workings is what helps define our beauty!


I am thankful that it’s a whole different world out here for women like me. My goal is to be the most authentic version of myself that I could ever be. I have to be. I’ve got little eyes watching me; and from me they will learn how to navigate this this thing we call life. Walking in my truth is an absolute must for me. How about you?


Shirt: Hillman College –

Skirt: Twirl-Maxi – Society+

Sneakers:  Leopard Print – Walmart

Earrings: Tassel drop – Walmart

Necklace: Bib-Styled – Walmart

AP Young