Curvy Spotlight: The Illustrious Curvi Milieux

Hey lovelies! Here at I pride myself on bringing you guys posts that I’m genuine about. That’s why today’s Curvy Spotlight is shining on a hidden gem of a business called CurviMilieux. Meet Nacarra(pictured on the left) :
Nicarra is the owner and creative director at CurviMilieux. After having the wonderful pleasure of speaking with her at The Curvy Fashionista Style Expo. It was in that moment of introduction that I immediately knew there was something special about this young lady. So I was uber pleased when she was more than ready to chop it up with me about all things CurviMilieux. Check it out below!
A: What does the name Curvimilieux mean?
C: Curvi Milieux’s text book definition is you know, a play on curvy which we all know describes a woman’s body , a voluptuous woman’s body and Milieux is French for Social surroundings.  My initial thoughts were I want to create a place where curvy and plus size women can shop boutique items and really unique pieces from designers who have them in mind. And keep the women who likes to get out and do things, for movers and shakers. So that’s where I started and Curvi Milieux was born. 

A: What inspired you to venture into your own boutique and clothing line?

C: In 2011 I started selling accessories for a direct sales company,which lead to me in 2012 starting my own accessories line and in 2014 I opened my own accessories boutique, I’ve always loved clothing and  I knew apparel was in the future forecast for expansion. But by 2015 my accessories boutique closed its physical doors.  A funny thing happen though, in 2014 , a women who didn’t know me except that I sold pretty jewelry told me one day I’d be dressing women.  I still think of her to this day and it motivates me to keep pushing. I felt like she was God speaking to me,letting me know I was on the right path.   In 2014 I also started sewing my own clothes . You know things that I couldn’t find in my size or a color I wanted or at a quality I felt was worth my coins.  As I shared my pieces friends started requesting things and giving me creative freedom to make things for them and I fell in love with designing clothes , but that’s no surprise. My education is in product and interior design.  So it all made since to me.  I started doing small collections and showcasing in fashion shows.
A: What do you feel it is makes your line unique?
C: What makes my brand unique is my customer is able to shop really dope, and some hard to find pieces, and then if you can’t find it we will make it for you. Moving into the fall you will definitely see more limited edition pieces, and in those I plan to offer more sizes.

A: If you could give one reason why the curvy woman should shop with you what would be your main reason?

C: I’d say the plus size women shops with me when she’s ready to stand out from the crowd, you will be seen!  All of my pieces whether casual or dressy catch attention , my girl, she’s a social butterfly. Curvi Milieux is truly for the curvi socialite who loves to express herself through fashion. 

A: What is your brand’s mission?

C: My brands mission is to create a place where Curvi women can shop exclusive and stylish  apparel and accessories knowing with confidence there look is different , a little bourgeoise, and fun. 

A: What are some obstacles you’ve encountered along this journey?

C: This journey doesn’t come without obstacles.  Curvi Milieux will be 1 yr old in October of this year and  I’m very picky with my offerings,  and plus boutique style clothing manufacturers still don’t get the average plus American women, so fit can be an issue so we want to move in that direction and creating mostly in house. Still sourcing pieces that fit our clientage needs as well. 

A: How long have you been in business?

C: I’m a forever entrepreneur. I’ve been in business, over all 6 year, and I’m excited for the future moving forward .

**Bonus Questions**

If you had to be marooned on an island what are the top 3 things you’d love to have?

Stranded on an island… (That is full of fruit bearing trees and plants, listen I need to live…. )So 3 things I’d want are a lip butter, pen and paper(I’m counting it as one), & good walking shoes….. I’m a believer in utility… That’s probably why all my gifts I give serve a purpose, I don’t believe in useless junk or having outfits I never wear! 
SZA or H.E.R
I’m not sure who those folks are entirely…. I’ve heard  Sza’s name but not sure about what she sings.  But I love me some Ledisi. 

Yes or no to Romphims?I’m gonna say Yes to Romphims but in solid colors only! And on men with full beards!  Hunty,yassss!


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