Sit Down Silly: Why I’m not Here for the Usher Fat Girl Shaming Debacle

Unless you’ve been under the proverbial rock; you’ve heard by now about Usher and the Great Herpes Scandal. It’s not really called that but it might as well be with the Cosby like allegations that are rolling out after an alleged settlement came to the light that Usher settled with the bridesmaid of his ex-wife Tameka Foster due to transmitting the Herpes virus to her. That’s a mouthful right? No pun intended.

In the midst of this debacle, a young woman has come forward who is exploring legal avenues just for being exposed but not actually testing positive for herpes. There’s all sorts of things wrong with this entire scenario. Is it a money grab? Almost Maury Povich 99.9 % you are not the father positive it is. But instead of her obvious carelessness being a focal point, there seems to be a bigger issue at hand.

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Meet Quantasia Sharpton aka Quantasia Owens aka Angel Valentino or whatever other name she goes by.

Perhaps Joanne the Scammer’s lil sis?

Instead of people questioning the legitimacy of her story because of the history of scamming this woman has, or that she’s suing for a disease she doesn’t have, or for the pure shamockery of doing a press conference looking homely although her pics on social media are very vixen beauty; the world has chosen to zero in on her size.

Tweet after tweet, IG post after IG post I read today all were centered around this young lady’s weight. I found myself mildly disgusted and down right annoyed by the amount of people who only found this story disproportionately  unbelievable because she was fat.

COME ON PEOPLE!!!! *climbs on soapbox*

Let me breakdown some fundamentals for ya’ll who are not in the know. Hold on to your britches, you just might be wowed.


That’s right *gasp*. For centuries, big women have been sought after. We’re admired, we’re loved we’re even fetishized .  We even get husbands ya’ll! EEK! We get married, we get pregnant, we give birth. It’s really quite amazing.


  1. We shower
  2. We exercise
  3. We don’t sit around and eat all day
  4. We all don’t have diabetes
  5. We all don’t have a funny smell
  6. We all don’t breathe hard
  7. We all don’t hate ourselves
  8. We live happy and content lives
  9. We go out
  10. We have social lives
  11. We are out here LIVING

Ya’ll out here with fat mamas, aunties, cousins, and yet ya’ll act shocked that Usher could possibly be into a big woman. Yet, here you and your siblings and cousins are existing cause ya daddies and uncles were chubby chasers.

Get your priorities straight. Be shocked that there are so many people who have sex with someone they barely know and expect not to be at risk for an STD. Be shocked that Usher out here being this reckless. Heck, be shocked that there is a male accuser in the bunch. Be shocked that his wife is still with him.

But please, PLEASE, never be shocked that big girls get guys. It’s as easy as getting oxygen.


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