Curvy Spotlight: Shapely Apparel Co.

Being new to the fashion blogging scene in comparison to some women; I understand what it’s like to be working super hard and wondering if anyone is noticing. Shout out to all the lovely ladies who comment and like and send messages! Your engagement with my blog means a lot! Coming from that place of understanding; I vowed to be the type of person who would shine a light when and where ever I can. So with that being said, today I’m sharing a hidden gem here with you guys.

Meet Colisha of Shapely Apparel Co.


If you’ve visited my blog recently, then you may have noticed this young lady’s picture before. I had the great pleasure of meeting Colisha at TCF Style Expo  . I stumbled across her on Instagram under the #tcfstylexpo “I’m going” ads all of the vendors and bloggers were posting. I immediately was intrigued because I liked the design of the t-shirts she had on her page.

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I later found out that she and I had a mutual acquaintance which solidified my desire to want to meet her in person. Upon meeting her in person, I discovered a sweet and charming young lady who gives the warmest hugs. She even agreed to snap a photo with me!


It was at this time that I learned not only did Colisha have a t-shirt line; but she had a clothing line she was premiering at this expo as well! Pictures below:

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After talking with her a bit, it was at that moment I decided that everyone else needed to know who Colisha was too and what Shapely Apparel Co was all about.

AP: Can you tell me what moved you to begin your own clothing line?

C: While in college, I always thought “How cool would it be to start my own line?” I’ve been plus sized almost my whole life and I know the struggles of trying to find attractive and appropriate-styled clothing.

AP: Is your clothing line and boutique your full-time job? If not, do you have a plan to make that happen?

C: This is currently one of many hats that I wear. I do eventually plan on making the transition full-time.

AP: Why did you choose the name Shapely Apparel to represent your brand?

C: I chose the name because when many people think of “plus size” they automatically think sloppy or no shape, when in reality the plus-size community is full of beautifully shaped women!

AP: What are some of the biggest obstacles you’ve encountered thus far?

C: As with most new businesses, you will come across some challenges. My biggest challenge has been teaching myself how to sketch the designs. Also, having the concepts that are in my mind come to life; there is a lot of trial and error.

AP: What do you hope to accomplish?

C: I hope to create a fashion forward, figure friendly line for plus-sized women to love!

AP: In a market that is saturated with plus size boutiques; what makes your brand stand out?

C: My brand is fresh and fun; with bold colors and prints. It is created by me from once the pencil hits the paper through to the last stitch hitting the seam.

AP: What advice would you give to anyone venturing into their own clothing line and boutique?

C: Take your time. Do not think things will happen overnight. Believe in yourself and what your company stands for!

Now just for fun!

AP: What’s one quirky thing about you even your friends don’t know?

C: When I listen to anything the number that the volume is set at has to be an even number.

AP: What’s on your playlist right now?

C: SZA and H.E.R. are giving me LIFE!

AP: What is your absolute favorite dish?

C: Honestly anything that my mother makes: specifically lasagna!

I thank Colisha so much for taking time out of what I’m sure is a busy day and answering my questions! I encourage you all to check out her site and follow her on Instagram @shapely_apparelco to stay up to date with what’s new. Support small businesses ya’ll the same way you would a more major brand! Humble beginnings can result in great things!

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