6 Places to Shop for the Super Plus Size Woman

If there’s anything I can tell you about what I’ve learned as a plus size woman it’s that there are options available to us. It wasn’t always that way; I remember being a young woman cringing because I had to be stuck shopping Catherine’s, Fashion Bug or Lane Bryant’s at a time when these stores weren’t yet stylish! Thank Gawd those days are over.

However, now that I’m bigger (boy do I miss the days when I thought I was fat in an 18/20) I find myself back in the limited options spectrum for clothing. There are boutiques that pop up everywhere for plus size women these days. The cons are that there is usually a 3x or 22/24 size limit. Some boutiques claim to go to a 5x but I’ve been sorely disappointed by how inaccurate that sizing is.

So what’s a woman to do when she wears a 28 and up? That’s what I’m here to answer with my list of places to shop if you are super plus size!

*Please  be advised some of the stores on my list I have not yet had an opportunity to patron yet.*

eShakti (sizes 0-36)


If you’ve been following my blog then you know theirs is a a name I mention often. And that’s because they are a store I shop with often. They meet the needs of the small and super size woman and everything in between. I’ve shopped with them and have never been disappointed with any of my purchases. Things I really appreciate about them? They always have a great promotional offer available. When you first sign up you receive a $25 off coupon with free customization. O did I mention that you can customize your outfit in any way you’d like? I promise this is my holy grail for finding distinct and unique pieces designed perfectly for me. Shipping usually takes 14 days minimum so be sure to order in advance.

Rebdolls (0-5x)


As much as I shop Rebdolls you would think it’s been years! But it hasn’t been; it’s only been since this spring. A friend of mine mentioned them to me and now I am doing the same for you! I like to shop Rebdolls when I feel like being a bit more funky and youthful with my look. They’re awesome for a going out look and most of their clothes are made with a lot of stretch. They also always have great flash sales to take advantage of and they have points that can be earned each time you shop. If you’d like 10% off on your first purchase; just click this link!

Society + (sizes 14-32)


I love all the femininity that Society + has to offer. Their twirl skirts, glam tutus, pretty blouses and amazing dresses always make me feel like such a lady. I can’t wait to share some of the pieces I’ve ordered from them in the upcoming months. I’m a brand affiliate so feel free to shop directly from my page and stay up to date on any promotional sales going on!

Torrid (sizes 10-32)


I’ve been shopping with Torrid for about 9 years now. And though my weight has fluctuated a lot in that time; I’m still comfortably able to fit their clothes. Torrid has changed their style a lot since that time. They did an overhaul a few years back. I love their blouses because they comfortably fit me as I am very busty and find it hard to find blouses I like or feel good in. I also love their dress selection and utilized this selection when I was pregnant-right up to 9 months!

Avenue (sizes 14-32)


What can I say? Avenue is one of my ye ol faithful stores. Though I wasn’t always a fan of their style because I felt like they catered to the older woman; I’ve seen them really step their game up in terms of versatility. I love their business casual pants for work, and I like the way their jeans fit me. I also have success finding tops to fit my breast so that’s always a win for me. I tend to shop them more so for work though. Just something to consider.

SWAK -Sealed With a Kiss (sizes 14-36)


Now this is the store I have not had the opportunity to shop with yet. But that’s also because I literally just learned about them this past weekend at The Curvy Fashionista Style Expo. From what I’ve browsed I’ve already found several pieces that I love! I obviously can’t attest to their quality yet; but once I do shop them I will be sure to do a full review!

So how about my other super plus size ladies out there? Where are some of your favorite places to shop?

AP Young