APY’s Recap: The Curvy Fashionista Style Expo 2017


So just a few months ago I announced I would be in attendance at The Curvy Fashionista Style Expo. After much anticipation, this past weekend that time arrived! Let me tell all ya’ll who did not attend: ALL THAT ANTICIPATION WAS WORTH IT!

Never have I been in a room full of body positive, beautiful, curvy, round, box shaped, empowered and confident women.  No matter what shape or size these ladies came to slay and slay they did!

The expo included a Blogger Brunch both days which included Q&A sessions with the blogger mavens themselves!

Natasha Eubanks of  The YBF came through to offer all of us gems on how to be more intentional in the branding of ourselves. She shared her amazing story of successfully becoming the blog and business connoisseur she is today.


Saturday was no disappointment as The Curvy Fashionista herself graced us with her insight and inspiration during a Q&A session with Ashby from Dia & Co.



Marie was so sweet ya’ll she didn’t even care that I practically behaved like a super fan when I met her!


There was something for everyone! Panels for body positivity, panels for models, Big & Tall Fashion and vendors too! Anybody who was there to learn surely had no shortage of education available to them.


The expo was full of notable businesses such as Ashley Stewart’s and Rebdolls; but also included various vendors from all over including those who were just premiering their lines.


Shapely Apparel Co.

The highlights for me were the fashion shows which included: Hanky Panky Ltd, Ashley Stewart’s, Dia & Co, and Mo Vaughn’s MVP Collection.

From MVP Collection

There was even  two poetry performances to satiate the artistic side of me!

Terrell Mercer

The Ultimate treat was watching the ladies of Pretty Big Movement grace us with their moves and inspiring us to move!

Photo courtesy of http://www.Estrellafashionreport.com

I mixed and mingled and networked with the cream of the crop in plus size blogging and branding and I walked away with so much more insight than I imagined I would. I am here for all this fabulocity that The Curvy Fashionista brought to us for her 3rd annual expo; and now I can’t wait for next year’s expo which I know will be even better!

Check out the slide shows below for more pictures! If you spot yourself or a friend; drop an Instagram or Twitter name!








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