Plus Size Blogging: Why I’m Necessary

This weekend I had the amazing opportunity to attend The Curvy Fashionista’s Style Expo! It was an AH-MAZING weekend full of plus size women who came to slay not only in style but in confidence. I got to network with the cream of the crop of the plus size community and it was more than I could’ve anticipated. I have a bunch to share with ya’ll as soon as I go through pics and get everything together! I solemnly swear.

But that’s not why I’m here right now.

As I schmoozed and networked and talked to the amazing vendors and bloggers and spectators, I began to notice something. There were plus size beautiful women, but there were not a lot of SUPER plus size big women(by definition SSBBW is a woman who weighs 400+ lbs)  There were a handful in the crowd including myself.

As I browsed the vendors, I quickly found that though some of these stores did cater to sizes up to 5x; no one had ready made items in that size on hand. And in that moment of realization, I came to the conclusion that the plus size community still has a ways to go in terms of the inclusion of ALL types of plus size women.

I am a woman who stands 5’8 and weighs 443 lbs. Just a few weeks ago I was 451 lbs. Now there’s a lot of people who have a lot to say about that; BUT if you follow my blog then you know what’s up. If you don’t, click the Health link in my menu.

It has been quite the journey to figure out how to love myself at my biggest, and despite that I’m here for it, all of it; being healthy and being body positive. I love fashion, and that hasn’t changed despite my weight gain. I would love to walk into a store and find a variety of 5x & 6x clothing options inside stores designed for plus size women. Instead, I do most of my shopping online with stores like Avenue, Rebdolls, Society Plus, and eShakti. Those are the few stores who actually make FASHIONABLE items in my size. This is why I’m a loyal shopper with these stores and will continue to be so after my thyroidectomy and subsequent weight loss (if all goes right).

When we hear about the SSBBW woman it’s often in the capacity of fetishes or porn. I am a super plus size woman who does not fit into either of those categories. While women like Mustang Sally , Saucye West or Whitney Thore (though I’m not certain any one of these women are 400+ lbs) exist; they’re still a small fraction in comparison to the multitude of plus size bloggers who are in the 14-24 size range.

Don’t get me wrong, I love and admire all these women and I’m inspired daily by their wardrobe and body positive message. But I want to be the voice for women who look like ME! And that’s why I’m necessary in this plus size blogging thing. Not to toot my own horn but *toot toot*; I think I’m pretty awesome. I have had quite the journey through life that has shaped me to be the woman I am today and I want to share that unique experience from my view.

I have struggled with mental health, weight gain my entire life and PTSD in my adult life yet in defiance of that I am still here; living, breathing, fighting an autoimmune disease, being a wife and raising 3 children. I am not wonder woman but I am fearfully and wonderfully made woman! I want women who feel like they don’t quite fit anywhere to know that they absolutely do. Women like us exist and we love fashion too!

So while Marie Denee, Maui Bigelow, and Chastity Garner are absolutely necessary because they have opened the doors to this plus size blogging arena and they inspire all types of women daily (including inspiring me); it is the same reason women like me are necessary too!


AP Young