Fresh Fridays: All About the Denim

It’s Fri-YAY so of course you know that means it’s my favorite day of the week. No more work, had a family movie date, I can kick back and relax a bit and of course ladies, it’s FRESH FRIDAYS!

In honor of all the laid back vibes that roll in with Friday, today’s looks are brought to you by denim. I love denim. It’s almost scary how much I love denim actually. I swore off denim for awhile because I had convinced myself that I was too fat. *Deep sigh* Yea crisis over. So in honor of my rediscovered love, I present to you today’s Fresh Fridays’ looks.

This first look I like to call my Mom Casual:


Who says mom jeans have to be nipple high and unflattering? When I’m running errands I’m like most moms; I wanna throw on leggings and an oversize t-shirt and pretend my sloppy bun didn’t take several efforts. But, in honor of not embarrassing my kids or making my husband forget how attracted he was to me when we first met; I figured a loose dress, comfy sneaks and neutral makeup would be a nice alternative.

My next look I call my Take Me to the Fair:


Now in the spirit of honesty, I haven’t been to a fair in eons. However, if I were to go to a fair, I could rock this outfit. It’s bright, the funky colored flats and the pop of blue in the pink gives me just enough pizzazz to be cute  but still casual.

My last look I like to call my Legs for Days:


Because a pair of cute shorts can go a looooong way! This pair of high-waisted denim like shorts(cause I’m certain this is a blended fabric) has been paired with a cute crop top for my ladies who are bold! Of course a cute body suit would suffice under these shorts; the options are limitless.  Shorts very much like denim, can be dressed up or down. It’s all in how you accessorize!

Now that I’ve shared my denim ideas, why don’t you share some of yours?

AP Young