Poppin’ My Ipsy Cherry: My First Glam Bag

So it’s no secret that I am super late to the makeup game. Growing up my mama did not wear anything outside of lipstick; and by default that’s how I became. I would fool around with mascara once in awhile but I never had any real interest in makeup. As I’ve gotten older, I’d say my desire to change it up has grown.

While I’ll never be into full face makeup (i.e foundation, primer, spray setting etc.) mostly because I don’t like the feeling on my face; I will concede to still loving lipstick, newly loving lashes and I can dig eye-shadow. Every now and then I’ll throw concealer over the scar on my forehead and use a little bronzer on it to tone down it’s harshness.

I have learned that I love matte lipstick, specifically liquid matte; but finding the perfect formula has been like shooting dice. So after seeing Ipsy all over my various social media feeds I decided the best way to try new products at a minimal price was thru this subscription service. For those not familiar, $10 bucks a month gets you a cute makeup bag with various trial size products.

I gotta tell you, I was pretty excited when that pink shiny package landed in my mailbox. I excitedly tore it open uncertain of what to expect and here is what I got:


Laritzy Nude Liquid Lipstick- You know lipstick was the first thing I went for in this bag. I was so excited because I happen to dig nude colors. But then I tried it on. MEH. I loved that it was liquid matte, nontransferable. It didn’t have a gritty after feel either which I find to be common with certain brands. The con was that I hated the color for me. It was nude…just not my shade of nude. It gave me a frosted look that I’m not fond of. Crazy thing is I received compliments, but I couldn’t even make it through the whole day before I was washing it off and replenishing with my LA Colors Nude gloss.

Hanalei Lip Treatment Rose- I am totally a shea butter, coconut oil, vaseline lip balm kinda gal. When it comes to moisturizing my lips I don’t put much thought into it. So i was pleasantly surprised to find this sweet scented lil treat in my bag. It’s a thick consistency so not a lot was needed. Turns out it applies like most lip balms do. I did find that my lips were softer after it “dried” off. I’m not certain if I’d really seek this product out though outside of my Ipsy bag. The softness wasn’t significantly different than when I use my regular go to’s.

Eyeko Skinny Liquid Eyeliner – So I am NOT (let me reiterate) NOT an eyeliner person. I am not opposed to trying eyeliner though. I’ve been known to envy a good winged eye every now and then. I did play around with it a bit and enjoyed the ease with which I was able to apply it. Couple of more tries I think I might be ready to wear it out of the house. Cross your fingers for me that I can have it down pat by the time The Curvy Fashionista Style Expo arrives next Friday.

Tarte Amazonian Clay Bronzer – Pleased to say Ipsy got it right with this one. The color is perfect for my skin tone and *drum roll* it’s waterproof! Which is great because ya’ll it’s HOT down here in Atlanta! Now, I just started using concealer and bronzer for my scar only a few weeks ago; so I’m not a bronzer aficionado or anything. The current brand I’m using is Black Radiance Artisan Color Baked Bronzer. 

I also received an eye-shadow brush, I haven’t used it yet since I’ve got a good set at the moment. However, I am waiting on a new eye-shadow palette from BH Cosmetics; so maybe I’ll use it while I’m playing with that.

In all, I’d give this Ipsy bag a B+! Maybe extra points for how cute this bag is:

Now that I’ve gotten my first Glam Bag; I am anticipating August’s bag. Do you have an Ipsy experience? Share ladies!

AP Young