Fresh Fridays: Retro Vibes

Hey hey hey! It’s our favorite day of the week- Fresh Fridays! Except I am anything but fresh and I say that in the spirit of honesty! But that’s neither here nor their because you are here for the clothes.

Today’s looks are all heavily inspired by the 50’s vibes in some way shape or form so my only hope is that it comes across that way for you!


Polka dots

I LOVE polka dots and this was actually put together for a contest on Polyvore. I figured, since I loved it so much and it was inspired by my whole retro vibe; it’d be apropos to post it here.There will always be something classic about black and white with a splash of red. Feels…

Retro Barbie

And just like black and white is iconic with a splash of red; so it is with hot pink! I saw this dress and immediately my mind went to vintage Barbie:


Strapless stripes, signature hot pink- you get my inspiration right??

Last but not least and my personal fav is:


I love Dorothy Dandridge’s whole swag! I feel like we are fed Marilyn Monroe all crazy but everyone forgets how captivating Dorothy was. I had her in mind while I was piecing this together and it  just seemed like the perfect name.


So now that I’ve shared my retro inspired looks with you, what are some of your favorite retro inspired ensembles?