Sunday Swag: 1950’s Retro

If there’s anything I’m thankful to my dad for; it’s definitely my love of old black and white movies! As a kid, I used to snuggle up and watch AMC (way before the days of Walking Dead) with my dad almost daily. Joan Crawford and Bette Davis are two of my favorite actresses. You know what I loved more than the actresses though?

The fashion!

There is something about the fashion from the 40’s and the 50’s that just screams to my soul. I love a classic look because it never goes out of style. Today’s look was inspired by the fit and flare of the 1950’s and one of my other favs: Audrey Hepburn.

Now in full disclosure, I know most of her work was done in the 60’s but she still had quite the career that began in the 50’s.

Any who, back to the subject at hand!


I love a good fit and flare dress because they are flattering on any body type! Big breast, small breast, big gut, no gut; you name it, the fit and flare is there for it!


As soon as I spotted this dress on eShakti, I knew I had to find it a new home because well… STRIPES!


I know I know, “they” say stripes aren’t for women my size; and I say to that “Who gonna stop me?” In my humble ol’ opinion , stripes can make anything look fun. Coupled with the fact that it’s black and white, I was sold before I could get my wallet out.


Ideally I would have coupled this with a cute peep-toed pump; but until my sciatica stops acting up, I will be fabulously frolicking in flats. This dress was comfy because as I’ve said so many times but will repeat for the newbies: COMFORT and style matter. I am literally past the point in my life where I desire to suffer in anything for the sake of beauty.

This dress is a 5x and fits true to size based on their measurements chart; more reasons I love shopping with eShakti.

Now that I’ve twirled, sashayed and slayed in my classic retro look; I am ready to kick back and relax before Monday comes sauntering in.

Until next time!


AP Young