Breaking All the Rules

It was a hot summer day as it usually is in Atlanta during the summer months! I had a lunch date with my mama and sister at Tin Lizzie’s and a gathering to attend afterward with family and friends. Though I wanted to be cute I also wanted to be [say it with me now] COMFORTABLE!

That’s right! Ya’ll know that’s my mantra…comfort and style; not one or the other. Enter this awesome two piece The Partnership from Rebdolls.


When I first saw this on their site, I immediately thought it was cute. I contemplated if I wanted to get it because I’ll be honest; my over hanging belly is still a sore spot for me. I am working on learning to love it, but most of the time I feel like covering it up. Today I wore a crop top with pants and not a flare skirt that can hide my sensitive zone. I felt like a BAWSE!


Despite exposing my rolls and my hanging belly, I still managed to feel cute. My mindset is, the only way to hide these things is by wearing a tent dress, which I absolutely refuse to do. So, I ventured out and now that it’s the end of my day, I have no regrets.


I had these cute Slay wedge sneakers from Shoe Dazzle that I decided to purchase about a month and a half ago. I finally had a reason to wear them:


I thought they accented the pink and grey just right. I did end up having to throw on my chancletas though because my sciatica is still a pain in my side (pun intended). Despite my extreme discomfort I felt like I slayed! I did get a few awkward stares from the slim ladies while I was out to eat. Some even down right pointed and whispered. I didn’t even waste my time acknowledging them.

In a world where everyone enjoys pretending to be perfect on social media; I quite enjoyed not taking myself to seriously today. I think I’ll be doing that again real soon!


AP Young