From Saturday to Monday – 3 Simple Looks

Ok so, I had a pretty eventful weekend and I thought I looked pretty cute even though I didn’t take official pics or anything. Since I shared them on Instagram I figured why not share them here. This is my blog after all right?

On Saturday I had the pleasure of attending a dear friend’s baby shower. So to keep it light and comfy I decided to repeat the same look I had for my staycation; and rompered it up!


The Care for You romper was perfectly matched with the Senoura sandal from Just Fab and a beautiful pair of hand carved set of wood earrings from Uniquely Ke Designs; the sister company to Unorthodox Appeal. I love rompers for the same reason I love dresses; I don’t have to think! You just slip it on and half your getting dressed battle is won.

For Sunday’s service I opted to go for a skirt I’ve worn a million times before but it never gets old mixing and matching!


Yea I snapped a selfie in the bathroom mirror but I mean come on how was I to resist? I was feeling straight princess like! This blouse is one of my favorite hi-lo blouses I purchased from Torrid. I kept my accessories super light because I feel the tutu is a huge accessory on it’s own. Though you can’t really see my feet; they were awesomely adorned in a tie up ballet flat from Torrid as well.

And last but not least, the piece de resistance! *read that with a French accent* I was lucky enough to receive my goodies package on Friday from Rebdolls as well as some shoes I’d been dying to have from Shoe Club 21.

These are my Dori-45s (Style) that I’ve affectionately nicknamed Pearlistas after seeing someone else refer to them as that on IG.


I happily paired them with my Monday work look which incorporated my ‘You Got Me’  Palazzo Pants from Rebdolls.


Baaaaaby! Can you say comfort? I can, and I can say it stylishly and fabulously! My only dislike is that they’re a bit more fitted around my fupa than I’d like them to be; hence the longer blouse I opted to wear with it. Of course, I incorporated my pearl earrings and necklace with pearl accents to compliment the sandal.

I shared these looks because they were pieces that I really love but are also really comfortable. I think a lot of women feel they have to sacrifice style for comfort but I do not agree nor subscribe to that train of thought.

How about you? What are some of your favorite comfortable pieces? Come chat with me on Twitter: @apyblog & Facebook.