Fresh Friday’s Look Book: From Work to Date Night

Ok Ok, so I know it’s not Friday, but this was supposed to be posted yesterday. Can you forgive ya girl? *insert puppy dog eyes here* So as promised, I’m sharing looks that I find fab whether for work, play or any other occasion you can think of. All looks that I post on Fresh Fridays are styled by moi! So let’s get started.


When I first put this look together I was thinking nice Saturday afternoon lunch date. My husband looked at it and said “Yea that’s a nice outfit for work.” Talk about busting my vision bubble.

But as I looked at it with refreshed eyes I decided that yes this could be a nice work look AND transition right into a date night/afternoon look if you wanted to.

Whether it’s paired with heels or flats (because we girls need options! everyone does not wear heels), it’s a classic look but still fun. I love the loose fit of the pants and blouse because I’ll be honest; I like the least amount of restriction as possible. This is why I stay away from body shaper undergarments; but that’s a blog for another day!

My next look is my take on Boho Chic:


I love neutral colors and a chunky heel so the Clatchet look is definitely my favorite looks I composed. I see this being a nice evening out for a comedy show and dinner or a jazz show in the park. Wherever you go in a look like this I feel like it’ll definitely compliment the outing.

This next style is a little more funky. I call it Count the Colors. Lots of color, some color blocking and mixing and matching. It’s loud, certainly obnoxious but sometimes that’s how I am. Take me or leave me! But if I’m going to be those things I’d rather be them fashionably.



I have a super love hate relationship with the color pink. Sometimes I hate it…but sometimes I just love how it looks with things. Like I do with this next look: Hawt Pink.



Pink paired with black always does something for me; I really wish I had an explanation for that but I don’t. Harem pants matched with an off the shoulder ruffled look is the perfect answer to a date night spent soaking up South St. in Philly, or Little 5 Points in Atlanta. It’s fun and flirty and says I’m a lady yet I know how to have fun. Or maybe it says none of those things and it’s just cute.

So ladies, which look was your favorite? Share with me!