Sunday Swag: Poppin’ Poplin

Nothing screams summer like 80 degree weather, strappy sandals and maxi dresses! But today I’m not here for the maxi (though I am totally with the maxi on most days, in fact my closet is over run with maxi dresses but that’s another blog!) Today I am paying attention to one of my favorite skirts; the Striped Flair Poplin from eShakti.


I have owned this skirt for almost a year. I bought it shortly I after I gave birth to my youngest for an event I needed to attend. Since then, I’ve worn this skirt a million times and have dressed it up a million different ways!


I won’t lie, this skirt makes me feel every bit of feminine as it looks! With this look I decided to pair it with a men’s denim button up courtesy of my husband via Burlington Coat Factory.  Even with the masculine influence this skirt still delivers Northern Belle for me (yes I am going to ensure that Northern Peach & Belle become a thing!)

My other favorite thing about this skirt (and everything I buy from eShakti) is the pocket feature!


I mean, if it weren’t for pockets I absolutely would not know what to do with my hands when I don’t have a purse  baby bag in them; or a baby. I finished this look with my Jacy Heel sandal from Just Fab.


I’ve recently been getting back on the heel wagon though in all honesty; I don’t think I will ever return to the 4-inch plus club again. No, humility and body flaws have told me to have a seat in the 2-3 inch section. I happily oblige when it can be done in a fashionable way.

Today I accomplished feeling sassy and beautiful despite the fact that I wasn’t necessarily feeling that way when my day started.

That’s a win for me! How about you, what are some of your favorite go to pieces? Share!