Staycation Look: Romping Around

As I mentioned in my previous post; hubby and I are celebrating 8 years of marriage! We weren’t able to get out of the state; so we opted to staycation right here in Atlanta! We had no real plans to do anything but vegetate without the children, make out like high-schoolers and come up for air   go out to dinner. I wanted to do something cute but relaxing because who wants to be uncomfortable while they’re staycationing?

In enters the ‘Get Out the Way’ short romper from what’s easily becoming my favorite store; Rebdolls.


Can I just say how amazingly comfortable this really is. I feel like I don’t have to sacrifice style for comfort with this!


Lots of room and lots of stretch. (Please don’t mind my lack of tush-it’s wide but not rotund unfortunately) And it’s definitely something you can dress up or down. I chose to pair mine with a brown low platform shoe from *drum roll please* PAYLESS!



I never skip on a chance to save money, especially if I’m still able to be cute. To accessorize, I tapped into my Southern Belle and opted for a floppy hat, ‘Beauty Earrings’ from Unorthodox Appeal (which I mentioned in another post), charm beaded bracelets and a chandelier choker. (Hat, bracelets & Necklace from Rainbow Shops).


In all I have to say I was completely pleased with the end result of this look. I felt carefree, sexy and beautiful. Even better, hubby was loving the look too! Now who can complain about their mate still finding them attractive? I sure can’t!