Chasing Jeans: Finding my  Perfect Fit

One of my biggest pet peeves of shopping used to be finding jeans. I mean, nothing irked me more than trying to find a comfortable fit for my mommy pooch; which if I’m totally honest is more like a mommy knapsack.

Thank gawd for the strides in the plus size options. Some of my favorite stores to find jeans are Torrid and Avenue. I also like Lane Bryant’s sometimes; its hit or miss with them.

I recently decided to revisit Old Navy’s plus size jeans.

In the past I’ve purchased their jeans and have been disappointed in one way or another; quality, fit or even the style not looking as it appeared online.

This time I have successfully found jeans that I love from Old Navy! These are the Smooth & Slim High rise from their online store. Their in store plus selection is limited to a 22. 

I wear a 28 Tall. Pleased to say they were absolutely comfortable with just enough stretch in the waist without giving you the saggy feel that jeggings do if you wear them more than 5 minutes.

My favorite thing about jeans in general is the versatility. Dressing  them up or down is absolutely easy. After away long drought of not buying jeans because my weight has fluctuated so much with the Hashimoto’s; I’m super glad to walk away with a win.
*Blouse hi-lo from Torrid, Boyfriend Cardigan from Walmart, Basic scoop neck tank from Torrid,  Birkenstock Betula sandals.